Friday, July 25, 2008

lost my phone

well.... i must say ... the last few... hours of my life without a phone.... is quite....a good feeling.

there is a tiny feeling of liberation and freedom.

I left my phone in a restaurant i had dinner at. It was nice of them to actually called some of my friends from my call history. They called qx whom i was with but she didnt pick up the phone -__-.... and I realised I left my phone a little too late. When i went back to the restaurant, they were already closed.

When i got home, hc told me in msn that the restaurant called him about my phone...and he went to leave msgs in my msn and my emails to tell me that I have left my phone at the restaurant.... hahahah.....he sounded a little bit more worried than me cos he tried to ask for my home number from dq. i felt so bad laaa!! hc sorry sorry hoh... hahaha.....

felt a little insecure without my phone for a while....

i felt the need to keep my phone with me all the time.... to constantly check if someone has texted me or called me.... but most of the time... there really is nobody.

but maybe... maybe i aaaaam expecting someone to text me and call me. :p

...........slowly i kinda like the feeling of "not being found".

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hallo Everybody…

Nobody told me I could download

free fonts! Hehehe…

This is pretty cool!!!

Aniwaycool stuff!

eh why like that..... blogspot cannot support new fonts ..... bah :(

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Tutee

ok ok ok..
new post new post.
introducing one of my tutee.. hehehe...
yes yes... i give him tuition...:p
hahaha..dun worry... i dun teach him english. my english cannot make it i know!