Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Trip to Ipoh

Friday nite, 4 of us took an 8hr coach ride to Ipoh!

while waiting for the other 5 people to shower and come fetch us! hehehe... cant blame them.. it was 5.30 am Saturday morning. :p

First stop!

Second Stop!

Old Town White Coffee

With toast!
And Custard Pudding!
and "Recycled Satay"
And the famous Ipoh Hor Fun!

just a few minutes before i spilled my "oh-so-nice" milk tea. butt was all wet man.
take picture take picture!
Third Stop!
err... wat's this ah? yong tau foo ah?
and Assam Laksaaaa...

Fourth Stop!

next stop!
Foot Relfexology! hahahaha... not all food man...
i wanted to try this man!! but i heard the lady said nail polish not allowed :)

Next Stop!
Rojak Mee.

I had Kwe Tiao (Guo Tiao) - not nice. hehehe.
then feeling a little stuffed, we went back to KH's house and decided to explore around the area.
Found Horses! they were playing polo...cool man. rich shit. hehehe...
and these 3 macho men decided to brave the pile of mud (might be horse poo) to venture into the unknown in search of some neolithic drawings...

the smart ones just decided to stand around horse poo and wait for them....
we waited and waited....
and waited somemore...
finally.... the brave ones came back. with sweat and mud.

This is the famous Curry Mee... it's niceeeeee..


deqi.. take picture open eyes lehh..
this is the master work of miss dharmenee...
wah laoo.. everyone not ready laaa....

After Dinner!!
went to the famous Old Town Coffee place.

I had some "sock" milk tea... hehehe

enough food for the day...

then it was chilling out time at nite...
......playing outburst!

men v.s. women

eheheh..dun want to say who win lah.

Sunday Breakfast!
we had Bak Kut Teh.
i still prefer the peppery ones that i can find in Singapore. just below my house. hehehe

and... it was time for us to go back to Singapore....
Another 8 hrs journey waiting for some of us!
We managed to cram allll that food in our tiny little stomach in just One Day!
Impressive huh?

(the thing that i'm not telling you is that 3 of us got diarrhoea after we reached home)

(I got a mild one... hc and mr voo got it bad i heard :p)
I'd like to end with .......

old photo. old friends.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

After thoughts

oh man.. you have no idea how tiring blogging all that in one shot can be! (for those who have no clue what I am talking about, I am referring to my blog entries below for my China trip updates!) hehehe.. although most of them are just photos, but the rearranging of the photos can be a pain you know!!! and i was too tired to adjust the spacings between the pictures and all.. hehehe...so please forgive my messiness! :p

aniwae... i thought i'd like to express some of my thoughts after my extraordinary trip to china and hongkong.

I am so glaaad that I am alive! =D

When we got back from the trip and after re-telling our experiences a few thousand times, we realised that we were so lucky to be at the right place at the right time. Even though we were in China and experienced a little "hardship" after the earthquake aftermath, (cant really call that hardship.. but cant find a milder word than that at the moment), we didnt actually feel the tremor at all.

The earthquake was at 2 pm that day and our flight was scheduled at 4 pm the very same day.

If we had taken an earlier flight, we would definitely be stuck at Chengdu when the earthquake occurs.
If we were a day late, we would have still be in JiuZhaiGou, and it was not exactly safe to be in such a mountainous area during an earthquake.

We were very lucky to be where we were.

I dont know.... even though I didnt feel any tremors and didnt witness any of the tragedies that you see in the newspaper.... just the fact that I was so near it, makes me realise once again, how short life is.

This whole incident made me rethink about my life, my career, my personal well being, and especially my relationships with my family and friends.

I have been unhappy for a while now... and it is affecting my relationship with my family. I would like to change all that and be happy once again! I feel like... all these time that I was unhappy, I was spreading black clouds to other people through my actions or inactions. (hahaha was trying to be philosophical there :p) but talking about black clouds....I really felt like there are black clouds hovering around my head the whole time I was unhappy. and after thinking things through and making some huge decisions to change my life a little, I felt like this black clouds are finally thinning and I can see things clearly now.

Knowing myself, I had to resort to something drastic to get my act up together! To stop feeling sorry for myself and not do anything about it! I waaant to changeee my lifeeeee... i want to be like PJ ...!! to feel happy for no reason!!! (hehehe)

sigh.. i'm never good at expressing my inner feelings in my blog. my blog is suppose to be all funny and strictly photos. no emotions. hehhehe.... well now you know why......cos my english is shit! hehehehe

ahh... but one good news for me is....

...... i have been sleeping like a baby every single nite after the stupid black clouds are gone.

no more sleepless nites for fel! :)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

China and Hong Kong Trip 2008

Alrite alrite… this is the long awaited blog entry ever I bet! Hahahaha… ef just couldn’t wait for me to blog on this one! Heheheh…

it took me a whole week to upload all the pictures man... tough work! :p


There might be an overwhelming number of pictures containing these 3 pretty ladies below. So please scroll down at your own discretion.
hee hee :p
I thought I should warn people in case they get bored of seeing….. us.

I went on a trip to China and Hong Kong in May 2008 with my colleagues, Hwee Peng and Sijie.

Actually the initial plan was to go to Tibet and then to Hong Kong. But … as you are all aware that there were riots going on in Tibet then, so… nahhh… we decided not to take the risk.

BUT… we have already bought the tickets and so we decided to go to around China instead, and then to Hong Kong.

Soooo aniwae… enough of the background story!

Air China to Chengdu, China

and i went to lala land the moment i sat in the aeroplane...

heeey.. it was damn early in the morning man..7am!... i need my beauty sleep! :)

And approximately 4 hrs later we arrived at Chengdu Airport.

our first bowl of very oily noodle in Chengdu...

......and this noodle is the reason i realised....


smart fel.

I forgot to bring all my Renminbi and HK dollar. but thank goodness I withdrew some in Singapore Airport before I left..... for unexpected events like this i suppose.

maybe i'm psychic.

so there i was.... frantically exchanging my pathetic few hundred dollars that was gonna last me for......2 weeks!

oh well.... shit happens. :p

Finally... after waiting the whole afternoon for the flight to Jiu Zhai Gou, we arrived at Jiu Zhai Huang Long Airport!

we got down from our taxi to enjoy the breeze and the scenery.....

our decent room

our first dinner. and maaaan... their food is reaaally damn oily.....

the happy fel ....

.....ready for bed.