Saturday, June 14, 2008

China and Hong Kong Trip 2008

Alrite alrite… this is the long awaited blog entry ever I bet! Hahahaha… ef just couldn’t wait for me to blog on this one! Heheheh…

it took me a whole week to upload all the pictures man... tough work! :p


There might be an overwhelming number of pictures containing these 3 pretty ladies below. So please scroll down at your own discretion.
hee hee :p
I thought I should warn people in case they get bored of seeing….. us.

I went on a trip to China and Hong Kong in May 2008 with my colleagues, Hwee Peng and Sijie.

Actually the initial plan was to go to Tibet and then to Hong Kong. But … as you are all aware that there were riots going on in Tibet then, so… nahhh… we decided not to take the risk.

BUT… we have already bought the tickets and so we decided to go to around China instead, and then to Hong Kong.

Soooo aniwae… enough of the background story!

Air China to Chengdu, China

and i went to lala land the moment i sat in the aeroplane...

heeey.. it was damn early in the morning man..7am!... i need my beauty sleep! :)

And approximately 4 hrs later we arrived at Chengdu Airport.

our first bowl of very oily noodle in Chengdu...

......and this noodle is the reason i realised....


smart fel.

I forgot to bring all my Renminbi and HK dollar. but thank goodness I withdrew some in Singapore Airport before I left..... for unexpected events like this i suppose.

maybe i'm psychic.

so there i was.... frantically exchanging my pathetic few hundred dollars that was gonna last me for......2 weeks!

oh well.... shit happens. :p

Finally... after waiting the whole afternoon for the flight to Jiu Zhai Gou, we arrived at Jiu Zhai Huang Long Airport!

we got down from our taxi to enjoy the breeze and the scenery.....

our decent room

our first dinner. and maaaan... their food is reaaally damn oily.....

the happy fel ....

.....ready for bed.


PJ said...

u can't go to bed without finishin your story man!!!

anti climax as always fel.

u look good fel!!


fe li ci a said...

wah pj you are damn fasst!! i'm still working on the rest like AT THIS MOMENT!! ahhahahaha....

i will finish all today!!! heheheh

i look goooood??? reaaaallyyyyyyyy.............!!! hahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

i really like that spicy pork tofu thing... !!

fe li ci a said...

it was really damn oily maaaan!! i doubt you'll like the one that we had... it has...a smell too. hehe