Saturday, June 14, 2008

Disneyland Hong Kong

I didnt think I would ever be this excited about Disneyland!

It was very cool how the train to the Disneyland is specially designed to fit the whole theme!

Check out the thingy that you hold in the train! hahahah...dunnoe wat it's called man.

even the train windows are in the shape of Mickey Mouse!

and they have disney characters decorations for us to take pics with!


artistic shot! by sijie.

The Golden Mickey!

We went for a couple of shows like this and i was utterly impressed!
They were sooo gooood!! especially......TARZAN!
hahahahaa... i never knew tarzan is so muscular! :p

Other than tarzan, there were sooooo many other good looking men dancing and winking their eyes at meee!! hahahahaha....i know i knoww.. they are dancers for the parades, but still..!!! they are cuuuute!! ahahhahah...

Daily fireworks!

The fireworks was pretty too! and they were really not stingy with the fireworks. I was impressed and surprised that they do this every single nite!

bye bye Disneyland.
you are so fun! :D

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