Saturday, June 14, 2008

Huang Long

The next destination was Huang Long....
and we had to check out as we were flying out of Jiu Zhai Gou back to Chengdu in the afternoon....

took some last shots outside our hotel...

our very nice taxi driver told us that we were going up to an altitude of 4000m, so he recommended us this:

he said it will prevent us from having altitude sickness like dizziness, vomitting and even shock!!

so fel hurriedly drank them all up and kept some in her spectacle box for safety. hehehe

we took the cable car up!


sijie: arrghhhhhhh...

fel: shhhhhhhh..........

we had to climb allllll the way up to see what Huang Long is famous for... hair is so cool.

and this is it!

what Huang Long is famous for. but again... we came at the wrong season...not enough water so the scene wasnt as pretty as it should be!

after visiting Huang Long, the 3 of us went straight to the airport to catch the 4 pm flight.

We checked in all our luggage and was waiting at the Departure Hall when.....

.....there was news of the Sichuan earthquake!

All flights to and from Chengdu Airport were cancelled.

It was quite scary when everyone ran to the the TV to listen to the unfortunate news.

we were stuck in Jiu Zhai Gou and wasnt able to fly out.

Air China arranged for us to stay in Jiu Zhai Gou until further notice as to when is the next flight out to Chengdu would be we waited....


eating only these...

and ending up looking like this!

stopppp laughing!!!

that was the result of 2 days without showering and proper sanitation. well basically all the electricity was cut, i.e. there was no heater to keep us warm and it was pretty cold! there wasnt even hot water for us to eat our cup noodles or to make something warm for ourselves.

Other than the electricity, all the local telephone line was also down due to the earthquake. we had no way of contacting the airline to check for information. we could only call the people in Singapore to gather information and to report our safety to our loved ones. we were afraid that we will run out of phone batteries and with no electricity available, we even had to ration our handphone use. only one handphone switched on at one time.

Apart from all that, we were only eating buns and crackers the whole of the 2 days. actually the hotel did provide us with food, but.... it was reaally oily and we didnt have much appetite aniwae. so we just munched on crackers while playing cards with a tiny glow of light coming from the candle given by the hotel.

The hotel lady knocked on our door one afternoon. She told us to "Run when you hear anyone scream!! ok!! RUN!!"

and we were like "why?? why?? why must we run??"

lady: "in case there are aftershocks."

We realised we are not entirely safe yet.

At nite, we didnt change out of our clothes and slept with our shoes on and carried our bags. We were all ready to jump up and run if we hear anything.

We stayed there for 2 nites before the airport arranged for a flight out for us.

many were affected.

we finally got to eat our cup noodles at the airport.

fel: dun take dun take... my hair oily! heheh

worn out trios.

it was really an unexpected turn of events.

we decided to cancel our original trip (Dali, Lijiang, Kunming) and decided to fly straight to Hong Kong for safety.

we were so relieved that we were flying out to Hong Kong and was grateful that we were safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

55555555555555555555. imagining you sleeping with shoes and everything... ready to run. What if someone plays a prank and screams then how...?

fe li ci a said...

actually there was a false alarm that nite! we heard people screaming and we woke up. after asking they said that those people got abit worried and wanted to go downstairs and chat and stuff...*shrug* but we went back to sleep aniwae.. hehe