Monday, October 30, 2006

weekend of pain

Last Saturday... something came over me.. and i decided to challenge my dad in badminton.

having seen no point in renting a badminton court since we are not sure if we were going to do it on a weekly basis, we decided to play outside our house, on the road. it was quite a quiet road as very few cars drive pass there.

I havent been doing ANY exercise since july... so i was feeling ... a little "heavy" jumping around trying to hit the shuttle. It might be the weather or the lack of exercise... i was literally wet with perspiration man... like DRIPPING wet... and i even have to take several breaks cos i couldnt catch my breath. hahahaha....

...... and we played for less than 30 minutes. -_-

but... i blame the dog.
the dog that was running around the streets when i'm playing badminton.
i am not a fan of animals... not that i hate them... (i'm actually scaaared of them) heehhehe... soooo.. when i saw a quite-huge dalmation doggy loitering around me when i'm painstakingly bouncing up and down for the shuttle... i got distracted (and a little scaaaared) !

and dont even get me started on how it ran to me and i had to climb up my house gate just to avoid it. maaan.. never felt so light before.. hahaha...never knew i'm such a gate climber... mmm......climbed up that damn gate daaamn fast maaan....

and on Sunday... my mom and my aunt took me to go for a foot reflexology session.

yes you read it right. the name of the place is called "big water tub" ahahha... and i never understood why until i went in. apparently before you go through the feet massages, you have to soak your feet in this "big tub of water"... he he he...

it's quite cheap really... Rp22,500 (S$3.50=1 pound-ish) for an hour of feet massage...

i thought they would only massage the sole of your feet, but they actually wash your feet for you... massage your calves up till your thighs. (ok..not so high up your thighs that you will feel uncomfortable of course heh)

and maaaan... it hurts.
hehehe..when they massage the soles of my feet, i nearly told the woman who's helping me to chill and slack a little... (why put so much strength maaaaan)... but i refuse to be a wimp... cos my mom and my aunt had big men as their massagers and they didnt even feel anything.

so i took the pain like a maaaan! (ahahhahaha)

they looked preeetty relaxed and happy to me.

i hope it's really worth the pain.
heard that it's good for blood circulation and all...

when i got home... all my muscles were aching like hell..... and maaaan... if that's not enough... i had to fall down the stairs. -_-... hahaha.. ok... kinda slipped... and landed on my butt bone.

sigh... and one last pain.

..... my only maid decided to not come back ever, after she went back to her hometown.

i think only ef can understand my pain.

but then again..she might not have to deal with life without maids before. ahahhahaha....

oh and...

Haaaappyyy buurrffdaaaay daaaaphneee yuaaaaaaaaaaaan..!!

 cutee laaaa..!!! eh by the way.. got receive my email not?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Princess Hours

watched another korean drama series over the weekend and the public holidays!!

a love comedy this time!!

no one died to give their kidneys or appendixes to anyone this time.. hehehhe

the story is based on a hypothetical scenario where Korea has a royal family like Britain.

so.. the story starts off with the marriage of the Prince, to a commoner, because of a promise their grandfathers made years back.
in short, it was an arranged marriage.

yea.. so basically story revolves mainly around how the prince grew to like her bride.
there are two other characters, the prince's ex-girlfriend who rejected the prince's initial proposal to her cos she didnt want to be trapped in the palace (which she regretted) and another guy, the prince's cousin who liked the bride and was always there for her(man.. is there still such a guy in this world heheeh. cos he liked the bride... but everytime he still has to listen to the girl whine and bitch about how the prince mistreated her and how she still likes him after all that. but i mean the prince is not a bad person la... he's quite cool too...and nice actually...just that he didnt know how to show it). arrghh..but watever it is. everyone is a good person. no one to hate.

this show is daaarn funny. ahahhaha... well ... it makes me laugh.

and there are 2 good looking guys walking around... hmmm... yum.

PS: pj pj!!! you will love this show. if you can download go and download!!! and and the songs in the show are like... damn nice laaaa.....

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

kitchen idiot fel is back

hello everyone.

yes yes. just when you thought you wont hear anything about fel cooking since she's back in her motherland.... are wrong!


yes yes.... special occasion calls for extreme surprises like...fel cookin.

it's my muuuummmyyyy's biiiiirrthdaaaaaaaay...

haaaaaaaaappy biiiirrrtthhdaaaaayyy mooommmmmm.....

we even took out our wine glasses that has never shown themselves on our dinner table for the past....10 years. hahaha..ok..maybe not so long...

taa daaaaaaaaaaa.....!! close ups of the food. cos... it's.. not very preeetty...
they are ham wrapped prawns and beans... never knew purple and green is such a mismatch... the colour just makes the food so...tasteless...(which it isnt by the way.. thanx to the expensive ham i bought!) ahhahahaa...

failure 1: well.. nothing in my brain says that breadcrumbs doesnt stick onto ham. hahahaha.. sooo.. it was supposed to be a tempura sort of ham wrapped prawns.. but ended up having... still ham wrapped prawns... but with lumps of fried breadcrumbs. hmm...nice... hahahaha

failure 2: i wrapped this ... (daamn..i dont even remember the name) this short beans thingy... cos my mom is more of a veggie person... and other than the colour makes it looks very dull, apparently... i have to strip off the..."veins" (or so how i would like to call it) on the beans...cos when my mom ate it...she kept on pulling the "veins" out... which doesnt make eating very enjoyable.

it was almost 9 pm and we were allll so hungry ....but i told them that they are not supposed to eat yet...

cos my "spanish rice" isnt cooked yet.

oh oh ...and i had this conversation with my dad:
(below is the translated version of course)

me: pa! i cooked spaanish riceee... aka.... PAELLA ....
dad: what? pai lak? nooo... today is tuesday...
me: -_-"

AHAHAHAH... only the hokkien dudes will understand....
pai lak means saturday in hokkien....


failure 3: basically... i didnt measure all the stuff that i put in to cook... and of course... for inexperienced poo like me.. the food obviously wont turn out good. and it really didnt.
the rice wasnt cooked when we ate it.... and rice not so tasty too... quite bland... and the prawns are daarn hard... might have overcooked it or soemthing...

ahahhaha..i tell you...that was one yucky rice man. i think i have failed alll my teacher chefs back in uk....i.e. stella and daphne yuan.
i'm sorry maaaaan... i can only blame the kitchen. ahahhaha.. it not conducive for cooking. ahhahahaahha... and we are using this really old fashioned stove... and we cant even CONTROL the fire maaan!!! sigh.. oh well...cant blame us... we are not a cooking kind of family... nobody cooks in our family... so so.. now you know why i'm the kitchen idiot that i am... ahhahaha....

one hell of a sweaty, hectic night in the kitchen man.

but oh well... it's the thought that counts rite mom? *grin*

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kurt Halsey Frederikson

was randomly surfing the net when i chanced upon this site (notcot) from daphne's blog.

in one of its entries, i saw some really cool drawings by Kurt Halsey Frederikson

worth checking out man!
officially one of my favourites!

Such talent.....

i waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannt.... =)

Monday, October 16, 2006

천국의 나무

Tree of Heaven
천국의 나무
Chun-kook-eh Na-moo

just finished watching another korean drama last weekend.

hmm... not very nice.

I fell asleep while watching man. so.. i think that's quite bad.

other than the fact that the guy is not so cute... ehhehe.... okok.. let me put it in another words... other than the fact that the guy is not exactly my type, the characters are...not very real. so its very hard to relate to man.

as in..they still have scenes where the main actress' aunt was like...bashing the girl up..slapping her and stuff.. and all she did was CRY! -_- and she wasnt like... a poor girl who is beggin her for food you know.... her mom is the owner of this hotspring motel who's a way on HOLIDAY (!!!)... and left the house in the care of the aunt and the daughter la. so instead of the daughter (ie. the main actress) being the boss ordering the aunt around... the aunt became the boss ordering HER around...and stuff about the aunt plotting to sell the motel when the mother is not around.

errrrr.. yessss. i say the girl is dumb to let the aunt boss her around like that. dumb enough to let the aunt starve her... i mean likee.. halooooo!!! RETALIATE WOMAN!! and the worse thing is.... when the mother see how everything is going... she freaaaking CRYYY and said that EVERYTHING IS A-OKAY. i know the aunt was like staring at her and all la.. BUT HELOOOO?!?!?!?!? -_-

that's just... not very realistic in my opinion. i would complain to my mother laaa... call the police laaa...throw snowballs at the aunty's face laaa...anything!.. ANYTHING BUT CRY!!

ok fine. so maybe she's suppose to be this angelic pitiful character so everyone will pity her and all....but naaaah...doesnt work on me. whoo still finds all that pitiful maaaaan.. hahaha.. or maybe i'm just heartless la hoh.

but aniwae. the guy died.

(ahahahah...not even gonna keep the ending a secret...cos.. i say it's not worth might as well tell you the ending)

the guy not only died man. he died to DONATE his heart to the girl. cos there's an accident blah blah.. and both of them were like...injured and stuff. and the girl almost died and need a heart transplant. but the guy was, i think recovering. and the guy CONVENIENTLY donate his heart to her. maaaaaaann... what happen to same blood type (ok fine so maybe they happen to have the same blood type) and wat happen to euthanasia issueee..... and and also the ethical issue of a donated heart should be given to the person on the top list of the heart transplant list!!! (oke maybe too much Grey's Anatomy there)

ahahahahah.... oke.. i think you all get the point la hoh. i dont like this show.

bah. same old ending with all korean dramas dont you think. all these dying endings are making me so depressed man.

will try to look for a love comedy for a change.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Over The Rainbow - 오버 더 레인보우

Over The Rainbow (aka Dance Battle)
오버 더 레인보우


another recommendation by me! and this time... it's REAAAAAALLY GOOOOOOOD! (not that the others were not good) BUT.. THIS IS REAAAAALLY THEEEE ONEEEE!!!

i DOUBT anyone's gonna get hold of this mini series.cos i know the people who read this would not have the resources to get hold of one. hahahahah....

....... and of course i got it from the pirated-dvd man. (ehehehehe)

This mini-series is about a couple of young people being passionate about dancing, striving so hard, doing all it takes, to achieve their dreams of becoming Famous Stars in the music world.

yea yea... sounds damn cheesy and stuff.. but it's reaaally cooool. oke.. cool may not be the word to describe it cos i sound like a silly fan drooling over cute guys. But man.. if you see them dance.. you will understand! (hmmm.. i would probably search youtube and upload some good stuff next time)

aniwae.... as i was saying... i think that this drama is very real. There isnt really a clear bad guy and good guy in the show... so my heart went for practically every character in the show.

first was the snobbish, proud famous singer who can dance really well. he seems to have it all.... fame and money. but behind all that, i see a young (cute) guy restrained to do anything that he likes and is forced to do wat the record company wants.

second is this talented (bitch :p) dancer.. who did wat it takes to become famous. She decided that she did not want to become a back-dancer for other singers and so she was determined to stand in the spotlight and be the centre of attraction. However, while doing all that, she dumped this reaaaaaaaaally nice bf of hers, who was there all the time, looking after her, and encouraging her when she was shit. (heheh) and she went after the above mentioned cute famous star. how selfish. But ... who could blame one for being ambitious and fighting for her dreams? and not everyone has the privilege to even HAVE a dream and the courage to fight for it.

third, is the silly boyfriend that got dumped by the above mentioned selfish bitch. (hehehe). He is also a dancer. a back-dancer for singers. He and his group of friends, worked really hard to be recognised, and eventually they did.

fourth is this not so talented girl who wish that she could be like the other people. be passionate about dancing.


if you havent realised, my descriptions about the characters grew shorter and shorter.






and the fact that i LOVE this drama so much doesnt help at all!!!! AT ALL!! i thought my weekend was the BEST weekend ever since the start of my boring life. but....daaaaaamn.

maaaaaaaaaaann... that's the WORST feeling ever !!

it's likeeee.... seeing your bf having an initimate tea in a cafe with a gorgeous girl(who is just a friend -_-)! it's like... saving up your favourite cereal only having it being eaten by your MOM! it's like... wearing your best looking dress and your stylish pointy heels and it rains when you step out of the's like... it's likeeee.. it's likeeeeeee.... when a bird poooooed right on your black top!



so basically. i dont know wat happens to them.

all i know is.....

......daaaamn this guy is cute.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Lake House

Initially, i didnt think that this movie is very interesting.
I dont know.. i guess the trailer was too peaceful without any exciting or heart thumping scenes to look forward to.

But i gave it a try since i am running out of DVDs to watch and vidya lent me hers for a couple of days.

Surprisingly. i kinda like it. alot. heheeheh.

Other than the fact that it challenges your imagination quite abit..
and logically speaking it is a taaaaad impossible to happen...

it has a preeeety sweeet plot i must say.

I remembered being all ga ga over keanu reeves after his record smashing movie
mmmmm... it brings back fond memories of secondary school. ahhahahah...
(didnt really like Speed 2 though)

in this one. they looked like they aged so much man. heheheh... my opinion at least. but it kinda match the peaceful scenes and the not-so-hair-raising plot.

so is this fel's attempt to search for her passion in life?
being a movie critic?
(since she failed miserably being a food-fanatics)

naaaaaaaaaah..... my england caannottt make it laaaaaaaaaaaaa....
(was trying so hard up there maaaaaan.... hahahaha)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

백만장자의 첫사랑

A Millionaire's First Love
백만장자의 첫사랑
(Baek-man-jang-ja-eui Cheos-sa-rang)


so it's time to recommend another korean show.

it's a movie this time.

very hmm... very typical korean plot i must say. dont want to spoil it for those who MIGHT want to see it.

buttt... it's quite sweeet.

.....and the guy is cute.


oh oh... this guy acts in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

no wonder he looked familiar when i watched the show.

check out his dimples maaaaaaaaaan... ahhahahah

ah.. the girl is quite sweet looking too.

feel like cutting my hair like hers.

ehhehehehe....we'll see we'll see....



so i think I uploaded too many pictures which i bet no one cares to see.

but i dooont caaare!

ahahaha... cos i'm blogging at work. so maaan.. took me like... a micro-second to upload all the pics.

if i were at home.. maaan.. i think i would have to wait days to upload all those pictures.

so. i'm just making use of resources available to me.

have been watching TONS of dvds now that i'm back to the land of pirated dvds. ahhahahaha.... and maan.. the quality is really not bad i must say.

Note to daph: eh daph... is Cocoa male or female ah?(i know it' damn random) and and.. how do i centralise my title??? been looking everywhere around the blogger... but cannot find. all i could do was change the font.


havent watched a movie in Indonesia for ages.
and i mean AGEEESSS...
i didnt even know the standard price for a movie ticket
now i know. kinda.

last weekend, vid asked me out on a movie date.
and cos i have finally got fed up staying at home doing nothing on weekends,
i decided to go through all the trouble of arranging my transportation to Senayan City (shopping centre).
ok well. i didnt arrange it. my mom did.

The movie was not bad.
quite sad at some parts.
and of course, life lesson learnt....

never fast-forward your life.

aniwae.. spent the night at vid's after the movie....talking... and chilling...
realising that living in Indo can aaaactually be bearable.

but...... not for me in the near future.