Sunday, September 24, 2006


had a conversation with an old friend of mine online. she just made one major MAJOR decision in her life. which i'm sure is not easy for her to make. she has been thinking about it for a loooooong time. and she has finally decided today that she's going to do it!

she told me about her plans before.... and at that point of time.. it seems like the MOST ridiculous thing to do. but today.. she has decided that she is going to do it!

when i heard about her decision. i was...very VERY happy for her.cos i kinda felt that that was what she really wanted althought it also means that she has to sacrifice alot of other things. and i kinda... admire her for making such a brave decision.

what she said got me thingking. she told me that most people expect certain things.. but are willing to settle for other things- the path of least resistance. and until you decide that somehting is a "MUST" instead of a "IT WILL BE GOOD TO HAVE", u will likely not get it.

how true. but i admit. i am "most people". i always take the path of least resistance.

she asked me then if i have ever regretted anything. if i have ever looked back and wonder.. if only i did this and this. 2 years ago.. i would say i have no regrets. at all. but this crosspoint in my life...and after much self reflection...... i actually do have some regrets. if only i did this.. if only i tried this harder... if only i had taken more control of my life....if only i was less of a chicken...hhahahaha.. sigh..

maybe it's time for me to change. time to really work for what i want. and not settling for something else. maybe maybe... "maybe my aunty has balls and is an uncle!" ahhahaha..yes that line is from the famous daphne yuan. okok.. i should say... NOW IS THE TIME!!! no more more chicken fel....

at this point of time. like many of my friends..(like PJ) hahahaha... i also feel very lost. even though i might know what i want... there are lots of constraints that is trying to shape my decision. and it suuuuuucks.

but. i too have decided to do something.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

i miss uk


gueeesss what i found in Marks & Spencer in Indonesia....

my faaaaaaaaaaavvourite cereal eveeerr!

and it's on sale. (why? cos it's expiring in a months time. wat the shittt...)

guess how much man!

Original Price : Rp 66,000 = £4.50
After Sale : Rp 49,000 = £3.50 (and this is expiring goods!!!)

maaan.. and i could get it in the uk for a mere £2.00!
and if i'm lucky...... 3 for the price of 2.

i miss my cereal.

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Chris in Town!


this chris.

this chris is in towwwwwwn.....!

ahahahha...chris posing in front of Debenhams in Jakarta.
(we also have debenhams okeeeee ahhahaha..)


chris came down to jakarta from KL on.... Sunday i think. and i only got to meet up with him on Tuesday after work.

had japanese for dinner with vid's mom and her friends (at the background)

hahaha..yes...we sat separately. hehehehe....

and thanx to vid's mom's friends... i had free dinner. AHHAHAHAHA..

i think that's the best part. hahahahaha..nothing to do with chris coming down. ho ho ho ho....

and of course.... yes....

so typical

welcome chris!


met up again for dinner the next day... for Pizza!

and yes. again with vid's mom and friends....

ahhaha.... if you are wondering why the big group everytime. it is because....
chris had no where to go but to tag along vid's mom when vid was working in the day. ahahhahaha...

all the aunties and uncles love him man..... i was... impressed.


chris in vid's apartment....

vid... your apartment damn cosy actually.. hahaha..... i will self-invite myself to hang out at your place when i have nothing to do in the weekends oke? thank you. HAHAHAHAHAH.....


met up again on friday....

ahhahaha.... bored bored...we were bored!!


aaandd...met up for the last time on saturday... cos chris was leaving on sunday. and this time... without chris' group of aunties and uncles. hahahahaHHAHHAHA......

ahahhahahah...chris.... you look weird. vid looks like a tai tai...

and after walking around at Plaza Indonesia.... we decided to go for a nice expensive dinner at Mandarin Hotel.

and it's on Chris....


and... fortunately for chris and unfortunately for us.. (ahhahaha).... the Japanese Restaurant at Mandarin Hotel was having 50% off on all ala carte menu.

unfortunate cos we had to wait for almost an hour before there was seats for us. so mean while.... we sat outside....

....sipping expensive tea....

...taking pictures...

....being silly...

and just plain ol.... chilling out maaaaaan......

finally... they found us a seat!

(didnt know the chefs were looking at me when i took the pic. maaaan...such vain chefs. hahahahaha)

we had sushis and green tea ice cream for dessert. The sushi above is preeetty cool.. it has like...crumbs around it.. hahahaha... very niceee.....( descriptive writing is shit)

Tokio Joe is the name of the place.


goodbye chris!

Bon Voyage!

I guess i'll see you next yeaaaar maaaaaaan........

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Blogging at work

I have to do what i preach.

i said that my blog is a picture blog. so even at times when i dont have access to pictures... i..... borrowed photos from vid.

hehehe....this is one of the pic that she sent round... and cos atm (AHAHHAH.. i know how to use atm now dudeee!) i only have access to this photo...(and some others which dont have me. hahahaha) so i upload only this!

am at work! so i cannot check my mails..cannot access facebook or friendster cos apparently it is related to "dating/social".. and it's blocked by the company. aniwae.. this is a picture taken when vid went to singapore for ONE DAY. ahhahaha...

oke.. something wrong with the layout and all but i cannot be bothered to make it perfect.

it's now 7 pm and i am waiting for vid to bring me out for dinner with all her colleagues. yes. i now have no friends and have to resort to tagging along vid and try to mingle with her friends. ahahhahaha.... and yes. i am in the same company as vid.

aniwae! for those whom i havent update about me. i am now working in Indonesia temporarily. for 3 months.


you heard it right.

Fel is working.

HAHAHAHAHAHAH.... i know. it's shocking blah blah blah... a couple of people have already expressed their shockness ... that fel-the-slacker is actually working. ahhahahahahah....

comeee onnnnn...... who say leopard cant change its spot!

oh oh.... and my toshiba laptop survived! i nearly wanna get rid of it man. but i didnt have to now cos apparently i only have to change the screen bulb. anwiae... felt like a lost friend found.

AHHAHAHA...aniwae... i am living a life of.... a pampered kid now. kinda wanna get away from it... but.. hey... why am i complaining?