Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In-decisive fel

As far as i can remember, i have always hated making decisions.
I always knew im more of a follower than a leader. Partly cos i cant make up my mind most of the time, and i'm easily persuaded by what others tell me. So, like that how be leader? :p

Im not really sure why I dun like to make decisions. In a group setting, if I were to make decisions, i guess i'm afraid that my friends would be compelled to proceed with things that they dun really wish to. In a way, i dont want my decision to be imposing to others. And the fact that i have no opinions about things and I dont mind going with any of the options just made me more convinced that I probably shouldnt be making the decisions.

Tonight, i need to make a decision about where I want to further my studies. And I am stuck! Because there is no one option which has everything i want! I always need to compromise something for another! why??? :p haha... i sound like a freaking spoilt brat over such a trivial matter for some people.

Da ge says that I should do what my heart says and just go with it because this decision will not affect others. It's all about me! He also says that having a choice is a luxury and I should be happy that I am able to decide things for myself!

Haha some wise words from da ge which i totally agree!

but... i still dont know what to do! :p

found something my friend made for me... my very own bumper sticker! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

S-ingapore A-rts F-estival 2012

okay ... so i admit i dont have that many events to blog about anymore haha that's because i finaaally discovered, that.... i am an antisocial girl a.k.a. 宅女!

i never thought i will call myself antisocial cos i thot i just need a longer time to warm up to people. But, i think the fact that i'd rather be cooped up in my room watching my running man and other shows is a very good clue. Plus the fact that im not known to initiate meet-ups with my friends, i'd rather flee the scene when i see familiar faces instead of saying hi and also that i'm very particular about my personal space and privacy, just put the pieces together.  

A fellow AntiSocial Colleague (ASC) of mine confirmed that i'm antisocial. Haha! I was pretty upset over some issues that I felt was compromising my personal space. And no one seems to understand me the way he did.
fel: "Omg, how did you know how I felt!"
Mr ASC: "that's cos you are antisocial. Like me."
fel: " but i'm not antisocial!"
Mr ASC: "yes you are."
fel: "ar crap. yea i guess i am"

So what has me being an antisocial got to do with the Arts Festival?? Nothing really :p maybe just to highlight the point that I am glad I have happening friends that I can tag along with to bring some colours to my life! So thaaaaanx Mr Singkong!!! hahaha

Singkong told me that he wanted to go to the es-pla-nade park to catch some...arty indian dance and listen to kids telling ghost stories.
Figured it could make me alittle bit more arty, so i tagged along together with 3 other friends!
(okay, this photo is gonna remind me of ghostbuster everytime i see it!)
so that's the indian arty dance at the back
something about a dance being about searching for true love.
so.. what is true love?
haha i used to have long discussions about this with a bunch of my friends. And i thot the most apt phrase that i chanced upon was
"True love is when you gave someone the power to hurt you, but trusting him not to"
awwww.... :p ok this is topic for another day!
moving on! i thot the view was pretty breathtaking and thot i shall be a tourist for awhile

really quite an amazing view.....
(which i didnt have time to enjoy cos singkong is rushing to listen to kids tell ghost stories! haha)
So this is our guide for the kids ghost story telling session...
....the guide who made us walk long distances and who shared our running-man craze!
haha that boy is pretty creepy i must say. He is one of the boys telling us ghost stories!
singkong also scared.
The other kids who told us ghost stories.
Must really applaud them for their courage and memory power in telling a bunch of strangers ghost stories at nite man. Some of them were obviously very nervous, but thot it was a pretty cool thing that they volunteered themselves to do :)
(in the name of art!)

Aaaand I shall end my post with my favourite pic of the night! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

kitchenidiotfel - Reborn

Looking through my past entries have always brought me lots of joy cos i get to reminisce about some of the things that I did. Since I came back to Singapore, I rarely blog for a number of reasons. Mainly laziness.

Recently, I've been thinking of reviving my blog for the purpose of documenting events and pictures so that I can continue to look back in the future and reminisce about the next part of my life (the life that i stopped blogging about). I also realised that after i stopped blogging i stopped taking pictures of the things around me. Which is a bad thing considering how bad my memory is. And i think blogging or writing things down could help me reflect on events and life better, which i need to do more of to allow me to appreciate the things that have happened. Yea.. i guess i could start writing a diary which will be more private, but but... diary cannot upload pics leyyy... and blog no need physical storage space and will be kept there forever and ever (nothing wrong in writing a diary after work and cry in my sleep oke singkong! hahaha which i dont do of course! hahaha)

Today at work, Mr Singkong implied that we should blog about interesting things and events (like where is the happening hang-out spot in Spore and to recommend a nice restaurant) and not blog about what you do in your boring everyday life. haha.. but i'd like to believe that my life is not as boring as he thinks it is!!!  But i guess it could be interesting to blog about certain themes at different times. Just worried that my laziness will sloooowly creep in....... :p hahaha. But im on if you are on la singkong!

So aniwae, i'd like to officially revive kitchenidiotfel, to prove to Mr Singkong that my life is prettyyy daaaarn exciting! hahahaha (okay childish, but who cares)

Sunday, May 06, 2012

DBS Marina Regatta 2012

My second dragonboat race since the last one in 2007!

sailor girl me! :p

met some old faces, but majority new ones
haha thot they needed a drummer that's why i agreed to participate
ended up rowing 3 events out of 4

it brought back memories of our first race! remembered the adrenaline pumping and the painful few minutes rowing with all my might!

but it was fun!! haha quite glad that they called me back to row :p even though no guarantee i will wake up on sat morning for practise hehe... (too early laaa)