Thursday, May 10, 2012

kitchenidiotfel - Reborn

Looking through my past entries have always brought me lots of joy cos i get to reminisce about some of the things that I did. Since I came back to Singapore, I rarely blog for a number of reasons. Mainly laziness.

Recently, I've been thinking of reviving my blog for the purpose of documenting events and pictures so that I can continue to look back in the future and reminisce about the next part of my life (the life that i stopped blogging about). I also realised that after i stopped blogging i stopped taking pictures of the things around me. Which is a bad thing considering how bad my memory is. And i think blogging or writing things down could help me reflect on events and life better, which i need to do more of to allow me to appreciate the things that have happened. Yea.. i guess i could start writing a diary which will be more private, but but... diary cannot upload pics leyyy... and blog no need physical storage space and will be kept there forever and ever (nothing wrong in writing a diary after work and cry in my sleep oke singkong! hahaha which i dont do of course! hahaha)

Today at work, Mr Singkong implied that we should blog about interesting things and events (like where is the happening hang-out spot in Spore and to recommend a nice restaurant) and not blog about what you do in your boring everyday life. haha.. but i'd like to believe that my life is not as boring as he thinks it is!!!  But i guess it could be interesting to blog about certain themes at different times. Just worried that my laziness will sloooowly creep in....... :p hahaha. But im on if you are on la singkong!

So aniwae, i'd like to officially revive kitchenidiotfel, to prove to Mr Singkong that my life is prettyyy daaaarn exciting! hahahaha (okay childish, but who cares)


Anonymous said...

I thought writing diary entry at night and then cry to sleep only happen in sappy movies/dramas. Hahaha...
Well, at least I motivate you to start writing again. ;p

- Singkong!!

fe li ci a said...

what... how is writing a diary at night and crying oneself to sleep something that only happened in movies???

haha... never get heartbroken before ar singkong? :p