Thursday, November 13, 2008

most expensive chicken rice eva!!

but to me...all chicken rice tastes the same :p

haaappy belaaated birthdaaaay daaaappphh....!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

other that the fact that the location of the hotel is a tad out of the way...

.....everything else was oh-so-tai-tai-ish.

(wait.. but then again we cab it to and fro, so i guess it was very tai-tai too! :p)

(and oh i'm looooving picasa3! ^^)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Ms Dharmini in Singapore

The 6 of us had dinner at Sushi Tei

But where is Ms Dharmini?

Talk about big shot maan... 6 busy men and women had to wait for our dear Ms Dharmini who was shopping at Levis and went grocery shopping


I was afraid that Ms Dharmini would feel bad that we took the group photo without her......


oke la oke la...i add you in la... dun cry k.... :)

(wah... it's as if hc knew i was putting up this picture! kekekke :p)

The we bought this yummilicious Apple and Mango Strudel up to her room to chill out..... as in not we bring the strudel to chill out but we chill out while eating the strudel... woahahahha...u all know wat i mean la hoh...

and when i say chill out... i really mean....CHILL OUT! ahahaha...

check out mr jr making himself comfortable there!!

Pretty Ladies! :D

i was contemplating whether to put this pic up...

wat's wronggg.... i dun want to dirty your room with the crumbs mahhh.....

Smile Detector

my cool camera has the most coolest smile detector function eva! :)

and that is the reason for the series of the most amazing pictures below.

For your kind perusal please. ^^

Group Picture

"The Great Divide"
-quoted from shiling-

Monday, November 03, 2008


We were doing a minor renovation at home... and it was one of those times when your mom would force you to go through all your things that you have accumulated your entire life and start throwing them away one by one.

It wasn't particularly a very fun task for me cos i hate throwing away things! If I could, I would keep them all till i'm 90 or something. hehe.

so there I was one sunday afternoon, going through all my stuff, reminiscing about all the wonderful things that have happened to me when I was young-er. Like many other little kids in the 90's, I managed to collect anything and everything under the sun!!!

Stickers!! - shiny ones, hairy ones (heh), glow in the dark ones...

Stamps - I think the whole world collect stamps at one point in their life. hehe.

Erasers! - Haha.. i thot this was super cool...

Found one 'soccer-shoes-shaped' eraser! how cool is that! :p

Other than these ... I collected old currency, phone cards.. and and... 偶像卡 (idol cards)!!!! hahaha... hmm... I wanted to throw them all away.. but my sis said that probably we should keep it for a while.... who knows they will fetch us a high price one day...hmmm... you know.... like baseball cards!!.... woahahahaha...

Also found stacks of postcards! bring back memories of school days... when me and my friends would exchange postcards with messages written on them almost every single day! I wonder why we didnt just say it face to face....maybe it is the excitement of receiving a note or a letter! heheh.. oh well..those were the days.....

Maybe this is the beginning that made grown-up fel not do well in expressing her deeper feelings in front of other people verbally. I seldom or dont say stuff like... "i miss you"....or.... " i love you" ... kekeke.... but i will type/msg/text stuff like that... hmm...wait... not really.. i dun think i will text "i love u" either ... ahhaha.... (not yet at least) point is!! i express myself better in words than verbally. i hum ji laaa...... :p shy.

Found some old projects that I did in school too... i was amazeeed at how creative i was!! woahahah... on the right side of the pic... i burnt the edges of the papers to give them an...olden days feeeel. ahhaha..... i know i know... some of you will be like "cheey!" but heloooo... i was in my primary school when I did that hoh!!! primary school!!! hahahah... and the left one... I used recycled paper to write the entire project on. nooo waait waait... it's not the recycled paper that you bought off the shelf alriteee.... the papers were recycled by moi! hahaha... you know... put some rough paper in the water, meshed it all up, blend it if possible, then lay them and shape them according to the shape of your choice... leave it to dry.. and voila! hand-made recycled paper! =D hahaha.... i am soo proud of myselfffff..... (^^)

I was reading through all the cards that my friends gave me all from primary school till university..... and somehow... I got to know myself all over again. apparently I have been telling all my friends since secondary school that I wanted to go on overseas voluntary trips to build houses (which I still havent been!) and since then I was already a pro-recycling paper kind of girl. I was actually quite amazed!! hahaha.... as in... maybe this is my calling! why have I never realised it before!! hahahaha.....

I also realised that I have 'lost' a few good friends along the way.... one of them is the girl who wrote me most of that postcards up there (see pic above haha).... i was tempted to put up a 'missing persons' notice here.. hehe... but on second thoughts......

........ i'll try my luck on facebook first.

Ben & Jerry's Vermonster!

my first Vermonster from Ben & Jerry's!

it was craaazy... 20 scoops of ice cream with bananas, brownies and complete toppings! so we got every flavour that they have! :)

It was tons of excitement until all the ice cream started to melt together in the tub.
we couldnt differentiate one flavour from another anymore! hahaha... but it was super funny!

it was a birthday celebration for wb! :)

oh.. and this is the group of people that I have been training for my half marathon with!

ahhaha.. yea pj.. i read about your running plan and thought about mine!! kekeke...

3 of them are running the full marathon in december.
me.. hehe.. too weak... only dare to challenge the half marathon with qx!
so we have been training for it cos the marathon is just around the corner!
and really.. i just want to complete it! :p
last friday i managed to run approximately 17km

it felt reaaally goood!!
but only after the knee pain and the spasm in my calf and thigh muscles have subsided.....

.... which took about 2 days.