Monday, November 03, 2008

Ben & Jerry's Vermonster!

my first Vermonster from Ben & Jerry's!

it was craaazy... 20 scoops of ice cream with bananas, brownies and complete toppings! so we got every flavour that they have! :)

It was tons of excitement until all the ice cream started to melt together in the tub.
we couldnt differentiate one flavour from another anymore! hahaha... but it was super funny!

it was a birthday celebration for wb! :)

oh.. and this is the group of people that I have been training for my half marathon with!

ahhaha.. yea pj.. i read about your running plan and thought about mine!! kekeke...

3 of them are running the full marathon in december.
me.. hehe.. too weak... only dare to challenge the half marathon with qx!
so we have been training for it cos the marathon is just around the corner!
and really.. i just want to complete it! :p
last friday i managed to run approximately 17km

it felt reaaally goood!!
but only after the knee pain and the spasm in my calf and thigh muscles have subsided.....

.... which took about 2 days.

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