Tuesday, October 03, 2006

백만장자의 첫사랑

A Millionaire's First Love
백만장자의 첫사랑
(Baek-man-jang-ja-eui Cheos-sa-rang)


so it's time to recommend another korean show.

it's a movie this time.

very hmm... very typical korean plot i must say. dont want to spoil it for those who MIGHT want to see it.

buttt... it's quite sweeet.

.....and the guy is cute.


oh oh... this guy acts in My Name is Kim Sam Soon.

no wonder he looked familiar when i watched the show.

check out his dimples maaaaaaaaaan... ahhahahah

ah.. the girl is quite sweet looking too.

feel like cutting my hair like hers.

ehhehehehe....we'll see we'll see....



so i think I uploaded too many pictures which i bet no one cares to see.

but i dooont caaare!

ahahaha... cos i'm blogging at work. so maaan.. took me like... a micro-second to upload all the pics.

if i were at home.. maaan.. i think i would have to wait days to upload all those pictures.

so. i'm just making use of resources available to me.

have been watching TONS of dvds now that i'm back to the land of pirated dvds. ahhahahaha.... and maan.. the quality is really not bad i must say.

Note to daph: eh daph... is Cocoa male or female ah?(i know it' damn random) and and.. how do i centralise my title??? been looking everywhere around the blogger... but cannot find. all i could do was change the font.


Daffy said...

He. he's a he.
And you will have to cut paste your html and send to me first, then i can decipher and try to fix it. =)


fe li ci a said...


you call him Moka i cannot call him Cocoa ah!?!??!

ahahahahah....maaan..and i'm the one who studied computer science.

okok..maybe i can live with a left-aligned title for now la. ahahhaha... i dont know why but these little things kinda bothers me now. ho ho ho.. okok.. i will try to decipher it myself first.. then if i cannot then i send you ok?

ahhahah...thaaaaaanx maaaaaaaaaaaan...!!

Daffy said...

YAR LA miss computer science. HORRIGIBER. Email me if you need help, not that I'm fantastic.

-jiaen- said...

yo fel! Hahaha, i Love the whole K-movie/drama review thing u're doing.And haha, i love the dude from MNIKSS.Glad u've seen this show although it was major crappy.
take care.xx

fe li ci a said...


glad you likee it errrnnnnyyy.. bet you are the only one maaan! hahahhaha...

MNIKSS is nto craaappy laaa.. i borrowed your dvd or vcd you know... did you remember.. but yeaa.. i like ittt...and YAA..the guy is just gorgeous... ahhahaha...

you take care too man!