Monday, October 16, 2006

천국의 나무

Tree of Heaven
천국의 나무
Chun-kook-eh Na-moo

just finished watching another korean drama last weekend.

hmm... not very nice.

I fell asleep while watching man. so.. i think that's quite bad.

other than the fact that the guy is not so cute... ehhehe.... okok.. let me put it in another words... other than the fact that the guy is not exactly my type, the characters are...not very real. so its very hard to relate to man.

as in..they still have scenes where the main actress' aunt was like...bashing the girl up..slapping her and stuff.. and all she did was CRY! -_- and she wasnt like... a poor girl who is beggin her for food you know.... her mom is the owner of this hotspring motel who's a way on HOLIDAY (!!!)... and left the house in the care of the aunt and the daughter la. so instead of the daughter (ie. the main actress) being the boss ordering the aunt around... the aunt became the boss ordering HER around...and stuff about the aunt plotting to sell the motel when the mother is not around.

errrrr.. yessss. i say the girl is dumb to let the aunt boss her around like that. dumb enough to let the aunt starve her... i mean likee.. halooooo!!! RETALIATE WOMAN!! and the worse thing is.... when the mother see how everything is going... she freaaaking CRYYY and said that EVERYTHING IS A-OKAY. i know the aunt was like staring at her and all la.. BUT HELOOOO?!?!?!?!? -_-

that's just... not very realistic in my opinion. i would complain to my mother laaa... call the police laaa...throw snowballs at the aunty's face laaa...anything!.. ANYTHING BUT CRY!!

ok fine. so maybe she's suppose to be this angelic pitiful character so everyone will pity her and all....but naaaah...doesnt work on me. whoo still finds all that pitiful maaaaan.. hahaha.. or maybe i'm just heartless la hoh.

but aniwae. the guy died.

(ahahahah...not even gonna keep the ending a secret...cos.. i say it's not worth might as well tell you the ending)

the guy not only died man. he died to DONATE his heart to the girl. cos there's an accident blah blah.. and both of them were like...injured and stuff. and the girl almost died and need a heart transplant. but the guy was, i think recovering. and the guy CONVENIENTLY donate his heart to her. maaaaaaann... what happen to same blood type (ok fine so maybe they happen to have the same blood type) and wat happen to euthanasia issueee..... and and also the ethical issue of a donated heart should be given to the person on the top list of the heart transplant list!!! (oke maybe too much Grey's Anatomy there)

ahahahahah.... oke.. i think you all get the point la hoh. i dont like this show.

bah. same old ending with all korean dramas dont you think. all these dying endings are making me so depressed man.

will try to look for a love comedy for a change.

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