Tuesday, October 03, 2006


havent watched a movie in Indonesia for ages.
and i mean AGEEESSS...
i didnt even know the standard price for a movie ticket
now i know. kinda.

last weekend, vid asked me out on a movie date.
and cos i have finally got fed up staying at home doing nothing on weekends,
i decided to go through all the trouble of arranging my transportation to Senayan City (shopping centre).
ok well. i didnt arrange it. my mom did.

The movie was not bad.
quite sad at some parts.
and of course, life lesson learnt....

never fast-forward your life.

aniwae.. spent the night at vid's after the movie....talking... and chilling...
realising that living in Indo can aaaactually be bearable.

but...... not for me in the near future.

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