Thursday, October 26, 2006

Princess Hours

watched another korean drama series over the weekend and the public holidays!!

a love comedy this time!!

no one died to give their kidneys or appendixes to anyone this time.. hehehhe

the story is based on a hypothetical scenario where Korea has a royal family like Britain.

so.. the story starts off with the marriage of the Prince, to a commoner, because of a promise their grandfathers made years back.
in short, it was an arranged marriage.

yea.. so basically story revolves mainly around how the prince grew to like her bride.
there are two other characters, the prince's ex-girlfriend who rejected the prince's initial proposal to her cos she didnt want to be trapped in the palace (which she regretted) and another guy, the prince's cousin who liked the bride and was always there for her(man.. is there still such a guy in this world heheeh. cos he liked the bride... but everytime he still has to listen to the girl whine and bitch about how the prince mistreated her and how she still likes him after all that. but i mean the prince is not a bad person la... he's quite cool too...and nice actually...just that he didnt know how to show it). arrghh..but watever it is. everyone is a good person. no one to hate.

this show is daaarn funny. ahahhaha... well ... it makes me laugh.

and there are 2 good looking guys walking around... hmmm... yum.

PS: pj pj!!! you will love this show. if you can download go and download!!! and and the songs in the show are like... damn nice laaaa.....


valentinA said...

Did u watch this during yr working hours??
Mannnn, I so miss the dramas, can't even dwd them here coz the fecking intnet is so damn slooooooow.... so unfairrrrrrrrrrrr...
now, i wish that the cute guys weren't only in the movies but that i could touch & drool over their sexay boday tooooooo hahahaha

fe li ci a said...


dudeeeeeeeeee....stop touching people maaan!! ahhahaha...

no no.. of course i dont watch them during working hours maaaan... i watched them at home.. at night..before i go to sleep... hehehe..and i bought the dvds man... i am using dial up here cannot download...that will be too slowwwww...

get broadband then dude!!