Saturday, June 14, 2008

11 days of Hong Kong

Deon came to join us in Hong Kong!
we brought her to the Disneyland train !

University Friends!

Met up with my university friends in Hong Kong!

They brought me to.... play games. ahahahahha.




Famous eating place apparently!

even the menu costs so much....-_-

we eat..

and eat..

and eat some more!!! =D


took the ferry!

went to eric's place...

eric's masterpiece.

he told me if i want it i could bring it home.

i told him it was too pretty to be found in my messy room.


met up with Qiuxiaaaaaaaaaaa....!! she happens to be on a holiday in Hong Kong too!!

we bought "friendship bands" old liaooo ...!!

eric sent me off to the airport on my last day!

he brought me to his favourite road side stall before we left for the airport!

maan.. really did nothing but eat!

Thanx dudeeeeeeeeee!!! :D


Anonymous said...

oh... HK...

sent a friend off at the airport today and she reminded me that i kept saying i was gonna go visit for the past 7 years... so.. this year man, i think i'll go maybe in august or sth... 55555555555555. err... yeah, why not.

fe li ci a said...

stop saying if you are not gonna do it maaan...!!

you sure you are going in august??

PJ said...

didn't realise that you were actually there in china during the earthquake!!!
you are earthquake survivor fel!!!


fe li ci a said...

yeaaa pj!!! i'm a survivorrr...!! hehehehe...

no la.. it was just a close brush....but i didnt even see anything... so thank God for that..:)

PJ said...

you have the same smile as eric!!! lol.
long lost twin or something.

Anonymous said...

it's pretty hard to navigate when you have lots of pic up... i have to scroll thru and check the comments and see if anyone has replied. -__-

fe li ci a said...

hahahaha i know what you mean man.. so why not we all go comment on the last entry! haahahha... i'm sure there's a feed somewhere that can notify you if anyone has replied... hmmm....

Anonymous said...

i saw shit heat

Anonymous said...

i mean shit head

fe li ci a said...


are you who i think you are and are you referring to who i think you are referring??


dudeee... hi!