Friday, June 09, 2006


today marked the day that i will never have to take anymore exams in my WHOLE ENTIRE FREAKIN LIFE. wooooo hooooooooooo.....!!!! hahahahahahaha... life is good. reaally good.

i thot the paper was aaaaalriteeeee..... and special thanx to Jen for lending me her calculator. i'm so mean. she needs it for tmrw. oh man. hope i dont screw up her revision. SORRRRYYYY JEEEEEENNN..!!!! and thaaank youuuu..... will repay your kindness ! food? me? cook? hahahahaha... sounds good hey??? ahhahahaha...thank you man. thank you thank you.

after exaaams... shit weather... cos it was just too freakin hot for me.. ahahha..but life was good. i have a perpetual smile on my face the whole entire time. it was a fabulous feeling. feel kinda sorry for Ef who still has to sit for 2 more papers. dude. you can do it man.

Theeeeenn..!! called a couple of friends to show off my freedom.. (woahahahha) and when i reached home... i received a notice to collect a parcel. and of course... it's the long awaited.. FL INVERTER BOARD that i sooo need to revive my computer... and i thot WOW....this couldnt get better.... cihuyyyy... hahahahaha...

and so i called the IT services to make an appointment... and i was expecting that they would probably tell me to go see them on monday..BUT NOOOOOOOOOO...they told me that they could see me in an hour's time....WAAATT??? wat did i do to deserve thisss??? i went! and they told me to come back in an hour to collect it. oh myyy gaaawd.... my precious computer is coming back to life...(or so i thought....)

so... i hung out with pj while waiting....sitting under the trees (cos it was shady) and pretended to enjoy the freakin hot weather. ahaaahha... and... i have a confession.....(_ _)...... i was bitching about people... i was bitching and bitching all the way to collect my laptop.

and my retribution was just waiting eagerly for me when the guy told me that.... your screen still looks the SAME!!! i mean like...waaaat the fff...... i went through sooooooooo much...waiting time... watching naruto in the dark... off msn for the longest time.... and now i have FINISHED my exams and i DONT have a laptop????????

sigh.... i nearly died. and i just looked at pj and breathed our 'karmaaa..'..... sucks again. aahahahahah.... oh well... wat the heck... nothing can stop me from being happy. so now... i dont know wat to do with my inverter board... and its probably a signal to let me buy a new laptop....(but wat the heck....after i bought that thingy!!!) and wat the shieet... i neeeed my computerrr very baaaadlyyy.... i neeed.. i NEED to do something....something......*urrghhh*

sigh. oke. enough bitching for the day. i shall strive to reduce the bitching for now. cos..


you never know when it's gonna bite you in the arse...*ouch*


PJ said...

its not karma lah...

everything has its own time..

i guess its time to get a New Laptop! ;-p

hey what is it you need to do with your computer? you wanna watch porn is it? haha.. kidding.. can do what ever you need to do with my computer? you hafta bring your own porn tho..

i feel so happy that finally you are freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

fe li ci a said...

ahhahaha... i can bring my own porn?? reallyyy??? okie okie!! AHAHAHHAH... i just wanted to do SOMEEETHINGGG lohhh.. i have to think of other ways. eh.. might call you tmrw ... hopefully i can wake up before you go to work. i want to borrow your search for recipe to cook tmrw dinner.. hehehehe...and watch grey's anatomy of course... ahahhahahah.... but it's oke if i cannot wake up..then i will see you after you finish work okeee

I ALSO VERY we can slaack togetherrrrrrrr...!!! we have to make a list of things to do man.... hahahahaha...

okok..see you tmrw!

PJ said...

i will pass u my keys before i go to work.. or when u wake up just come over off to work at 1.30pm.

have a browse at the cookbooks lying around my room.

ya ya watch grey's anatomy!!!