Sunday, April 12, 2009

Taaaiwaaaan :D

i never relised how painful blogging is up till now.
i realllyyy dunnoe if i have the patience to continue doing this.

pj daph!! hahaha...sorry ah..not that this trip didnt mean alot to me. it does! but blogger keep giving me error.. and ireaaally cant be arsed to write the same thing over and over again!
so i'm going to have to do this without the original "more interesting" captions


taiwan has to be one of the countries i have to visit before i die! :p

i've heard so much about it from all those taiwanese variety shows that i've been watching all these years! heh.

only taiwanese variety shows can make me laugh so hard till i cry in front of the tv!!! hahaha

first stop has to be.....
bubbleee teeeaa timeeeeeeeee...!!!

hahahah... i love bubble tea. :)

good stuff that we read from lonely planet!
but for those who knows me.... bread is not a proper meal to me.

i need moreee.....


where is taipei 101?

it was a very relaxing trip.
we took our time to find taipei 101....

and got to see the nice parks along the way...
(have i told you the weather was perfeeect? cooling. i love.)

found it!!!!

windy siaa....

New York New York!

cool museum!
they visited it in Amazing Race Asia! :D

smelly toufu, egg fried rice, oyster egg!

mango pudding!

this stuff...though interesting...was a tad too sweet for me.
dun think kids should eat this too much man.

haha.. one of the THREE things i bought from taiwain.
me not a shopper yo.

on a mission to find Sakura! :D

but no Sakura :(

3 fairies!

went out with 2 vegetarians!
so i got all the meat to myself.

pj. you miss this nice uncle? :p

very interesting lady who taught us some asian cooking!

on a mission to find our hotspring!
but we found Sakura instead! hahahah

i shy i shyyyyy larrrrr.....!!

not telling you guys wat happen inside.
all i can say is.
i'm seeing my friends in a different light.

with 2 nice aunties that we met at the hotspring! :D

pj we not ready laarr!!

i feel like i'm in new york! :p

thank you for the company! :D


PJ said...

damn like that uncle. actually i dun think he is that old leh. we should call him ta ge lah. hahaha...

love your photos fel. you better not forget our taiwan trip ever yo. ;-p

i was telling my taiwan friend about my trip and he told me he used to play basketball with jay zhou! and lee sheng jie was his senior at uni and they played tennis for the uni. i was like ZOMG. he said it is not unusual in taiwan wor and he said taipei is really small and if we wanted to spot celebrities we should go to this club called 18. next time lah, i wanna meet wang lee hom!!


fe li ci a said...

hahaha..okok da ge da ge!! :P

hahah.. your friend cute not? :p but we didnt spot anyone famous lehh...hahah..okok next time next time... i wan to meeet...mmm....JAY CHOU! hahhaha

PJ said...

my friend me thinks not bad.
i got put his photo on my blog.
he is married already lah...
but never mind i ask him to intro jay chou to you. xx

fe li ci a said...

hahaha..okie okie~!:D

Daffy said...

YOU SEE US IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT!?!??!!??! but you were practically blind throughout the entire experience without your specs, what could you have possibly seen?

fe li ci a said...


you testing my english is ittt!!! ahahahaha....

where's your pics maan?? share share!! :D