Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BKK day twooooo

Free tuk tuk from vid's condo! We were all psyched up on our first day in BKK! (technically day 2 la.. but last nite not counted mah :p )

Brunch at roadside stall ... (cant remember soi wat :p) Apologies k.. if i dun remember the places we went at all! hahaha... poor memory sorrie sorrie :p

we were looking to eat mooo (pork)... but no mooo at that roadside stall. kekeke

woooo... i quite like this noodle soup thingy.. think it was quite nice!:D

fulllll...... =) Time for some coffeeeeee :)

We hang out at True Coffeee.... which was where we started our conversation about True Love (i think :p)

..... i swear it was a coinsidence with the true coffee and true love :p

theeeeen.... we went to take the Long Tail Boat Rides... cruuuising along the Chao Praya river (vid i took from google one hope it's correct river haha:p)

mh enjoyin the river breeeeze siaaa.... coool....

hahah.. nice pictures hor! they look very happy. (hc upload your pics soon, ur camera has me and vid's pics on the boat! hahha)

We took the boat to Wat Arun ("Temple of the Dawn"). It was a very nice temple :)

Amazing view with the sunset too.... :)

(okay who took this photo cannot see the view one... :p hahahah)

but! it was superrrrr steeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!

you look you look! the view downward is damn scary laaaa....

hc careful!! i can see your un-der-we-ar!! HAHAHHAHAAHHA...kidddingggggg :p

time to leave the temple... cos time to eat deeeeee...!!

Somboon Seafood - a Must-Eat according to vid's friends! hahaha it was pretty good la.. cheap somemore :)


stop msg-ing chris la vid! :p

hahaha... the boy's to-do-list :)

At nite, we went to cw's restaurant to chill chill... very cool place! so good i also want to open restaurant. ahhahaha :)

"mao liaooo" = means drunk in thai hahaha

yaay.. reunion... :)

and thaaaaat marks the end of day 1. I was glad it was over becos we walked damn alot lah...was too much for my tiny feet to bear! hahah...

......i secretly planned to suggest to cab more tomorrow :P