Saturday, December 24, 2005

yes... i cooked!

yes.. i cooked today.

canned beef thingy... i forgot the name.. hehehe..

and tuna with chinese cabbage...

looks pretty good hey..? hahahaha...

...... sorry for the mess.
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dais said...


fe li ci a said...


jen said...

fel, uve been tagged. look up me blog for details (the five random post)

and yes god loves u a lot, tts why u have me as a friend, of sorts, anyway!

hey when u come to singapore again, letz go n sing some more jj songs, im really hooked on his mummy song... u know which one im referrin to yea? my bro and i were tryin to sing it w/o mistakes. sucha laFF!! :P missya

valentinA said...

hey feliiiicia!
i can see your feeding yourself well!! *thumbs up*
and u ate all of them? and u dare say too much food when we have potlucks?? SHAME ON YOU!!!

fe li ci a said...

no nooooo... i ate half of it... ate the other half for lunch the next day okeeeee...!! ahahahhaha.... when i eat myself i eat little man! ahhaha..

helloooo jen! okok...will do the 5 random things thingy in my next entry kay!


Mathew Mannion said...

I am the king of wales you fucking gay cunt. Chinese whore, why do you always smile? because your face is stuck? idiot gaycunt