Sunday, February 26, 2006

chilled saturday dinner

another potluck! nothing surprising i suppose.

Stella's paellaaaa..! as good as usual..

PJ's salmon..

PJ's veggieeee

Daph's braised chicken. it taste better than the picture believe me....


and and....last but not least again..although my soup appearance came a little lateeeee...but..taadaaa!!! Kuah Sayur Asin aka Sour Vegetable Soup aka 咸菜汤... hehehehe...

dessert! Peanut Pancake.


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PJ said...

the peanut pancake looks so yummy.. damn i missed it..
hey dun sleep so much k you slacker..

fe li ci a said...

ya man pj.

you missing out man.

i am studying now i am studying now....*fel put on glasses*

Daffy said...

such a FAKO! put on glasses leh somebody. at 219am. HAHAHA
aaaaaaaaand, i'm glad you liked the braised chicken... next time (a long time away) when we're both in singapore where duck is cheap, u shall be invited for braised duck. it is SO. MUCH. NICER. mmm duck.
=) thank u for u noe what. nice to know that you would run...

fe li ci a said...

8 km i also run liao....wat's 500m man! no problem dude..thank you for you know wat too. *wink*