Sunday, April 23, 2006

4 hermits came out to play

just got back from work...wah laoo...ta ma de... so tiringgg... stood for 8 hours... back aching like craaaaaazzy...

aniwae... earlier today... was SURPRISED... by 3 hermits who decided to come out and breathe some fresh air.... (and eat ice cream)

it felt really nice to go out of my room to breathe some fresh air, and enjoy some sun....havent been doing that for ages... cos of work and shit la...

and that goes the same for the other 3 hermits... HAHAHAAH... we were deprived of the sun man... eh.. i think we all looked damn ugly in this pic... we were all squinting our eyes uglyyyy....who's idea is it to take from this angle ah??? (glance at daphne yuan!)

we should take more breaks and go out and take walks maaan peopleeee..!!

stella.. i just realised you might kill me for this pic. but dudeee.. you still looked preeeetty man! and i'm serious!


talking about animals... i had a BEE EMERGENCY this evening.. wtf... there are freeeakin TWO BEES behind my curtains..stuck at the window somewhere... i was damn scareeed laaaa... i was holding my phone and was ready to bolt out of my room ANYTIME!(why am i holding my phone you may ask? so that if the bee decided to stay in my room for a couple of days, at least i could call for help and beg someone to take me in for the nite)... but the daphne on msn, told me to shoo them out.. so i was peeeeeping from the LOCATE the positions of the 2 bees... i saw one..and I HEARD the other one... so it was true... the one that you dont see is the one which scares you the most... watt thee poooo.... the other one was like...BUZZING like hell....and i couldnt see where it is!

...i nearly died.

it sucks that whenever you open your window....shit stuff starts flying in.

......this is why i hate summer.

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valentinA said...

HOOOLLLLYY COOWWWW I'm gonna kill ya for SURE DUDE O_O I look like I'm scratching my bum or something! -___- & u're laughing wickedly behind!! thanks to the photographer -_-
Wao, u actually wrote a whole paragraph! goooood effort dude! hahahaha

PJ said...

stella looks scholary with spec on..hahaha..

it was fun..we should try to have more ice cream breaks...

fe li ci a said...

ya man..
specs is goooooood...!!

hahaha..ya whole CHUNK of words... ahhahaha...i'm improving i'm improving