Monday, April 24, 2006

미안하다, 사랑한다

Sorry, I love you
미안하다, 사랑한다
(mi an ha da, sa rang han da)
-fel korean language lesson1-

thanx to pj for hooking me up with korean dramas....yes you pj... you!

i had a korean drama watching marathon.
ok ok.
i'm sure some people would think i am crazy.
dont worry.
even i think so too.
i know i know.. i shouldnt be watching drama AT THIS TIME.. but i couldnt help it.

i have never cried so much and for so long in my entire life.
all the way from episode 9 to the final episode 16.
i cried non-stop.
that's 8 hours of crying for you.
i didnt know i have so much fluid in me.

my eyes are so swollen now that i cant open them properly.
wat the...

daaamn those koren dramas!


PJ said...

slaps forehead...dude, i didn't ask you be crazy like me and do marathon... i said watch one episode (max 2) a day to reward yourself for a hard days work....

i knew you would cry. cos i did too.

im currently watching Sweet 18, the girl is damn silly but I am hook all the same... would have done marathon tonight if not for 6 hours of lectures and presentation tommorow...


Daffy said...

oh my gosh.
u cried for 8 hours?
better put cucumber pieces on your eyes
no no, i heard tea bags better.
tsk tsk tsk
i'm going to have full house marathon back in singapore! no no, on my europe trip!after all the damn shops close, then we'll on the laptop and watch! WAHAHAHA

mus said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kamu lucu amat!

If you watch one episode and you know it makes you cry, why do you continue and watch the next episode? Don't make yourself sad on purpose man.

ling-a-ling said...

FEL fel!!!

eh.. u shd watch Da Chang Jin aka jewel in the palace. its awesome. all about food.. and there is this really really really cute dude with small cutey eyes that disappears into a line, and really broad jaw line. haha. HE"S DAMN FREAKING CUTE>>

Daffy said...

hahahahahaha shiling! are you talking about the guy that chang jing likes??? Man, you know, I love that show too. It's about food man. I learnt that you add milk to beef broth to make it taste better HEEHEEHEE...

fe li ci a said...

hahaha...pjj..i couldnt stop myselfffff.. it was very gooood the show!!! hahaha..but for more show until thurs. i prooomise!

haha..wah lao you two..da chang jin i hear before.. but i thot its olden days kind.. i dooont likeeee hahaha..but havent watched la...

mus... crying is good once in a while you know. hahahaha... cos i didnt want to lose the RHYTHM .... so i continued was reaaally gooooooooooooooood... hahahaha...

ling-a-ling said...

hey daffy!!!

ya man.. i am so hooked on da chang jin.. ya that guy is soooooooo cute.. i wanna marry him like NOW CAN!!! hahaa and the show's got lotsa yummy food.. ya.. they're forever cooking abalones, and ya. but they added camel milk apparently.. haha so funny!!!!!
and lots of food.. so after watching gotta go and eat supper!!!!!!!!!!
but it rocks... the guy is so cute.. !!!

u babes rock on and study super duper hard okie.. hang in there.!!! :)