Wednesday, July 19, 2006


it has finally come.
my graduation.

my sister and my mom flew to come take picture with me.
ho ho ho!

Graduating Science Faculty!

hehhee.. my sister tried to take me wherever i am.
what a loyal photographer. ahhahaha.

that's me.
shaking hands with the Chancellor.
yes. bad photo taking by my sis.
wat a lousy photographer.

outside. it was damn hot.
and lots of people.

Computer and Business Studies 2006

and below are pictures taken on my graduation day....
(havent been blogging for very long... i sound so formal man.. wat the heck.....)

hilarious photo!

the computer science geeks have to come back to the CS department to take pictures of course.
it was one place where we hung out and practically lived there once.
have to take pictures man!

did a re-enactment of our own..

silly pictures are a must!

and i think we are missing one person here.
Eric Liu Kar Heng.
where are you maaaaaaaaaaan....

Will's polaroid for the memories.

thanx for coming dude! (teeth)

and of course. i didnt miss our dear PJ's graduation (the day before mine).


and you too shubeeeeeeeeeeeii..!!!

oh happy times.
how they pass by so quick.
good bye warwick
good bye my freedom
good bye my friends
good bye

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PJ said...

Miss You tooooo...
Love the pics even tho I had to wait patiently for it to load here. Dial Up sucks!

Not sure it will still go Redang. My mum is paranoid about the Tsunami. But I will go KL. Will confirm plans with Shu and Joanne then let you know k.

Big hug from me...

mus said...

Congratulations on your graduation, on your studies and on everything you have achieved over the last three years. Most importantly, good luck and God bless for the next stage of your life.

May happiness find you always.

fe li ci a said...


yes yes pj.. update me oke.

and thank you mus!

Anonymous said...

"and i think we are missing one person here." only one? O.o lol

Anyways Congrats!

steph said...

EH FEL!! gw datenk bervisit" neh. congrats yah dah graduatee! eh btw do u always have to look so surprised in ur grad pix? :p ngehehheh i'll misss youuuuuu!

fe li ci a said...


anonymous...if you are who i think you are... you are not meant to graduate with us wat!! ahahhahha... you have one more year!!! hehehe..thank you aniwae..

yes steph.. it's my trademark graduation face! ahhahaha.. yes.. you take care oke!

Hon said...

haha good 'excuse' ;)

oh yeah i forgot to put name :p

aniwae hope the future shines bright for you!

fe li ci a said...

wat excuuuse! hahahah..dude.. thank you very much man! you take care and all the best to you too yea!


Anonymous said...

what is ur handphone number or whatever number i can get you at ar ??
am still in the uk now, itching to get home to kl already. flying back tonight, yay. gimmie your number so can msg u and make you come up visit me

joanne jong