Sunday, July 30, 2006

meet ups!

The Singaporeans from warwick decided to meet up and hang out.

we had dinner at a Japanese restaurant at CHIJMES.


verrrrrryy interesting presentation of the food.
Most of them came with hour-glasses on them.
ahahahha...and everyone patiently waited till time was up to eat their food. ahhaahaha...

I ordered Sukiyaki. hmm.... i think it's my first time ordering it. It came with a bowl of raw egg. Was quite hesitant at first to dip my beef into the egg...but i did it... and tasted preeetty gooood. hee hee hee....

yes.. it has.. beef... onions... golden mushrooms ... a few slices of veggies.. and some transparent noodle-like thingy.. hahaha.... good description fel! hehehehe

aaaah.... loook! such cool presentation.
Noodles on Ice.
very cool very cool. that or.. i'm really one hell of a country-bumpkin.

group picture from one side of the looooong table!

and another from the other side! all's fair in life !

and of course ... more picture taking.

shiling has evolved (ahhahaha..) to really look like an OL (Office Lady) ... so mature looking and all... and look at me... still trying to look young and hiphop and all... sigggghhh... hahaahaha...

well ... better grab the chance to wear watever i want to wear... now that i am still young..ish hahahahaha....and not tied up to the working world yet. *grin*
and maaaan.. she got so thin after staying in Singapore for a year.....

hahahaha...this is the result of "no flaaaaaaaash pleaseeeeee" ahahahha... in an attempt to not look too white and too bright. but it's not working is it....

aaaaah.... this looks better.

ahhahaha....xiuli's Tiger Beer advert smile.

and some random pics taken by cheryl.

then. we went to KTV to sing karaoke.
from 10.30 till 2.30.
4 hours of singing.

had fun chilling out.
but the best part was...

that i dont have to take public transport to go home. HAHAHAHAHAHH.... so nice to have friends who drive.

thaaaaank youuuuu cheeeeeryl..!!!!! ahhahahahahaHAHAHHA......

met up with some of my ODAC friends a couple of days before....

and of course. the annual A4 meeting.
it's never complete.
we are missing germ this time.

but it's oke. there will be next time!
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valentinA said...

stella is jealous of fel's jap food. I'm very far away & it's too bad i cannot whack fel...