Wednesday, August 02, 2006

more meet ups!

yes. more meet ups. i think i'm getting the hang of it. ahahahhaha... as in... feels pretty good hanging out with old friends actually. so.. maybe.. it's not going to be so bad coming back. ahahhaha...

yes. the two red cross friends that i always meet up whenever i come back.

went to chinese restaurant. to eat xiao long baoooooo...

and some other stuff.

had a great time catching up and all. i realised all my news about them are all outdated. so ... yes... it was time to update myself with their stuff.

then... i met up with my secondary school friends for dinner!

we had japanese....

gee's soup in a kettle.

and good stuff recommended by stacey. ahhahaha... dont know the name sorry.

bad take by the waitress. wat's all that empty space above us maaaaaan....

so we decided to take another one ourselves. but.... without gillian.

.....and without shin min this time. uggggh....

gee bought a birthday cake for the july and august babiessss.... so sweeeet of herrrr!! thanx gilliaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!

looking forward to more meet ups! *wink*
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germ said...

i see yi zhuang!!!!!!!