Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jay Chou Concert 2008

19 January 2008
Jay Chou Concert in Singapore
Also the day when Jay Chou turns 29!!

Some freebies for the audience

Singapore Indoor Stadium

take picture take picture!!!

We were on time!

But many seats were still unoccupied.
Talk about punctuality maaan!!

I would scream if i were sitting at the top sitting area which is probably only a few dollars cheaper.

No freebies maaaaann....


finally.... more people are coming in.

we were getting sleepy waiting for the show to start...



i frantically tried to capture pictures of jay...

but from a distance that far... i cant see anything maaaan....

this part was the highlight of the whole show i thought!


I was extremely impressed with the piano played in the movie "secret"

and he actually re-enact the part where he was having a piano duel in the show,

onto the stage!

It was..... just.... beautiful.....


I wont say that this is the best concert I have ever been to.

But Jay was....gooooooooood.... daaaamn goooooooood... hahahahah...

but one of the reasons why i didnt enjoy the concert as much as I would like to... is... cos...

...... i couldnt stand up!

(yes yes... no standing up in concerts in singapore. safety issues guys.)

and wat's bad....everyone sitting at my sector was soooooo.. freeeaaaking ....... calm.

They just..... sat..... calmly throughout the show.

and shin and I were dying to stand up!!!! and screeeeamm and shouuuuuut...!!!

Only when Jay was singing the last song did we.....politeeely asked the people behind us if they are okay with us standing up.


A couple sitting in front of us was worse.

They didnt even claaaap!!! and whenever shin and I screamed...

......she would cover her ears.


but..... it was still fun!!

Both of us were screaming like school girls and the brave shin kept on 告白-ing to Jay.....

.....with her.....



Thank you Shin for waiting in front of the computer to book for the tix! :D

Thank you shiiiiiiiiinnn....!!!

next show




PJ said...

so cooooolllll....
im not a big jay chou fan but i really like the duet he played in secret like really really like it so much.

looking good fel!! ;-) x

Anonymous said...

that would be MY kind of concert - no audience participation. Just sit and watch. hahahahhahahahaha. seriously though, if one person stands, the rows behind will have to, and then the row behind that.. and.. and... it's just tiring standing up. and the worst thiing that can happen is to have a big tall guy infront of you. That will just ruin everything.

fe li ci a said...

but dude.. it's a jumpy jumpy kinda concert!! not a sit sit watch quietly kind of concert... you just HAVEEE to stand up maaaan....

you pj!! jay chou is cooooool yo!!! hhahahahah.... :P