Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For PJ

oh my gosssh!

PJ you got yourself a tattoooo!!! that is how cool la!!! can see please?? take picture and send leyyy!!

ahhaha.. i would have thought that you would go under ef's influence or something.. hahahaha... ef.. not trying to say you have that sort of influence of course... i'm just saaaying! ahhahah...

oh noooo.. i thot you were a hum cheee.... you are not anymore!!! right side of the waist ah.... shieeet.. that's coooool.....!!!

i know that I should have just written a comment on your blog.. but reading your blog makes me want to blog tooooo!! you know....to show my friends how boring my life is ... and how unhappy i sometimes get....

havent had that......"being-happy-for-no-reason" feeling since..... uni.....

.......maybe it's the weather.


PJ said...

finally a post from you!
wah lau...where have you been fel???
i check your blog everyday leh!!!
and i think i have read your jay chou post like a million times.

tattoo is shy but will say hi the next time we meet.

your life where got boring. i saw on kian hui's blog you went to bangkok!!! how kool is that! i was waiting for you to blog about it cos your version will probably be hillarious. lolz.

and you are going to tibet!!! how kooooooooooooool is that.

im trying and learning to be happy fel. it is hard but we all can do it. life is too short to be unhappy.

so stay happy always my dear friend and dun be hum cheee.. haha..

miss your crazy laughters and warm 'side' hugs..


Anonymous said...

ahhh wrong felicia

Anonymous said...

i dun check your blog everyday... but i'm waiting for your china experience which you said you would type out.

pj is in that place now... 'being positive' and stuff and i get it, but now it got to the point where i feel terribly bad when i'm feeling low. I -should- have the right to feel low without guilt! (i can hear pj's now..'tink positive, ef, tink! you can do it')

fe li ci a said...

patience my friendd.... hahahah i havent gotten the pics from my friend yet. so i cant blog without the pictures man...

why do you feel bad when you feel low? i mean... feeling low is always shit. but why feel guilt?

and pj... good with the 'being positive' stuff! you go girl~! ahhahahahaha...

and yea.. i demand to see your tattoo!!!