Wednesday, October 29, 2008

new resolution

I have 15 minutes before I have to tag along to a meeting.

I promised myself to keep my blog alive! But I failed heheh… my excuse is that my blog is supposed to be a photo blog! So logically, no photos means no blogging rite??

Heheh.. but hc asked me to go and update the blog a little on wat’s happening with me now… so that whenever he checked out my blog.. at least there’s something to read. Ahahhaha…sad la hc.. why keep checking my blog.. hahahaha :p

I love pj’s blog! (^.^) Easy to read and so interesting… I want my blog to be like yours pj!!

Maybe I will try to make my blog a blog instead of a photo blog.

And one thing I learnt while reading pj’s blog is that she always talk about one incident at one time… unlike me.. I like to babble on and on about a million and one things. Makes it confusing for a blog I guess….

So I shall end here cos it’s the end of one topic already i.e. I am trying to keep my blog alive!



PJ said...

you have to change your blog address to

you wannabe lah. lol.

its easy to read because i have limited vocabulary. and its really child's wrtiing so nothing too exciting.

your blog has a lot of sense of humour and i loveeeee.

i also check your blog everyday like hc! you got a big fan club you know.

i just left you the longest comment ever on the previous post. go read lah.

fe li ci a said...

ok pj.. i'm going to reply you here for the previous post so that you dun have to scroll all the way down k! :)

of course i will go with you! i talked about it with ef actually! so i mean.. she's expecting us to come! hahaha... not interested meh shubei and joanne?

1st to 8th march means i have to take 5 days leave.. eih.. we should involve ef.. see how many days leave she can take..yea yea.. chill out trip i loveee.. and ef got car! hahaha... we should go private the 3 of us to plan! hahaha...

OF COURSE IT'S NOT HIS JACKET!!! why would i be wearing his jacket!!! hahaha...i'm in spore .. .he's in malaysia... we can never work out... AHHAHAHAHA...

i think need to check which one cheaper from kl or spore. but i have a feeling from kl cheaper.

yes yes! we have to make it happen ok! hahahah....

not wannabe laa.. i really like to read your blog... i always read. so dun stop!

got humour meh.. i only give a one liner everytime lehh.hahaah...

ok this is officially the longest comment ever for me too!

fe li ci a said...

oh my gosh. oj, i just realised i'm not talking privately with you!!

mh or hc.. if you are reading this.. i was kiddin laarr hohhh...


PJ said...

i just wrote you a long long comment but it disappeared!!

i really want to visit ef in bkk but i ham chi to go on my own. now you go so i not ham chi anymore. lol. do you remember we were ham chi to go to the revelation choir practise at the chaplaincy? if daffy didn't come we would have got the bus and went home. lol. so ham chi us two.

ok get everyone to book hols for that week. i might try to get to kl on the 1st or 2nd. then we can fly to bkk from there.

OMG im so excited!!!

ef promise to bring me to floating market!!!

yes yes we must make it happen. we have been saying saying for years and years.

it will happen this time definitely!!

miss you fel.

fe li ci a said...

hahaha.... the humji duo! ya man.. i was so shy... and ready to go home! ahahaha

but you manage to survive in uk man... means you are not as hum ji as meee!!


ok ok! i go and see if ef ok not! maybe we msg in facebook k!

hc said...

I wonder if i shld ask MH to visit ur blog n read all these comments about HIS jacket...BWHAHAHAHAHA

fe li ci a said...


mh said...

i am here and u got taste, u like my jacket. and i am very ham chi too.