Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snippets of GuangZhouuu and Macauuu

feedback from ef!

she got bored looking at all those pictures of me in my blog! ahhaha..

so this entry is for you man... only the cool stuff during my trip to GuangZhou and Macau!




my photo taking skills goooooooooooood????



Kian said...

u can put them in slide show....

fe li ci a said...

heheeh..dunnoe how.. and lazy to find out :p so i'm just sticking to the old conventional way! :D

PJ said...

not bad photo taking skills leh. lol.

i met this malaysian gal, Yuki. she is so like you. like seriously. meeting her reminds me so much of you.

you must meet her leh. xxx

fe li ci a said...

hahahaha is itt...she's working with you ah? as in she looks like me or behave like mee??? hahahaha...

photo taking skills good riteeee....!! hahaha... but the layout is damn shit... and i'm lazy to put them nicely... i forgot how painful it is to upload so many pics in blogspot man....

PJ said...

im sure i replied this comment ages ago but dunno why not appearing leh.

Yuki is working in reading.
she doesn't look like you physically lah. but its just the feeling. talking to her is like talking to you. i wanted to give her side hug ala fel but dun wanna scare her.

i see that you are wearing 'his' jacket. so old school fel but i like. ;-)

are you working now or still slacking? eh, can get hols in march? lets go somewhere. dunno where but somewhere.

fe li ci a said...

oei!! how you know about the jacket!!! hahahah.. you check out that other website too ah? hahahaha... it was purely coincidental by the way. daphne gave me that jacket for my birthday this year.. hehehe..niceee i love it! :D

i thot we are going to bkk see ef in march?? i can i can... now just have to decide where... how long can you go? if can go long we can go bkk and TAIWAN! i have always wanted to go ......hehe or japan!!! ahahhah

PJ said...

really you will go with me? i thought no one interested leh.

ok book your hols then we sort something out. i don't want to go too long though. i have two weeks hols. so preferably i want to spend the weekend and the second week at home. can ah?

book hols for 1 March - 8 March fel. get daffy toooooo! anyone else wants to come also can. its free and easy trip. chill out trip.

once hols are sorted all we need to do is decide where to go!! so exciting!!!! there are so many places i want to go.

i think we should plan first then tell ef and the rest. ;-P

im so excited!!!

huh? its not 'his' jacket ar? i really believe wor.

ok i book my flights home in dec then we plan our 2009 trip of the year k! maybe i fly into singapore then we fly to wherever we want too go from singapore or is it cheaper to fly from kl?

so excited. it will be wickedy!