Friday, September 19, 2008

House Hopping!

yz texted me excited and said

"let's do something craaazzyy!!! let's go to guangzhou to visit mw!!!!"

my first reaction was.... go guangzhou crazy meh?? hahahaha...

and sooo we went on our first trip together to


we were there to visit our dear mw~!!

hahaha...yeap! bubble tea i lovveee! but the china one... hmm..not so nice :p

mw brought us to see 北京路 (beijing street) and it was pretty nicee...except for the damn hot and humid weather..

(yes yes mw... cover my face -__-)

then we visited 中山纪念堂 (Sun Yat Sen memorial hall)

and i was told that he is the father of modern china! (hehe.. i dunnoe my history)


then for dinner, we went to this place.....

and there were so many people!

they even provided chairs for people to wait....

food ok la! hehehe

then we went on a cruiseee..... 珠江游 along river Zhu Jiang!
along the river, the trees and buildings were lighted up and there were colourful boats cruising down the river...

niceee... :)

Next day we went to eat Korean food! (hehe cheaper than in spore mah)

and then we went for massage! cheap and very posh place!

at nite we went to eat Hot Pot!! (i loveeee..!!)

After the dinner, we went for Karaaaoke!! hahaha..cos there's really nothing much to do in guangzhou anymore... and that karaoke place was sooo big man... every room has their own toilet too!! quite coool....

crazy gals.... -__-

to show a little of how dodgy a place miwa's house is....
the dark corridor and the scary lift...

last meal in guangzhou was 香辣虾
very spicy but very nice!

thank you mw for the bringing us around Guangzhou!!! :D
next stop was Macaauuuuu....

to visit germ!
this is her preparing us dinner at 12 midnite cos it took us so long to take the coach from guangzhou all the way to macau....
not mentioning the horrific experience we had at the macau immigration!
(basically it involves alot of people, standing body to body, and squeezing and pushing to get through immigration. euww)

and dear germ prepared us warm foooood when we finally reached her house!
the next day we ventured macau on our own, in search of the famous egg tarts in macauuu...

then we went to visit the Black Sand...(hmm... ok la the sand quite black :p)

very pretty place actually.....

this is how when you travel in twos... pictures is either you or me... or a self taken photo of you and me.. ahhahahaha

Then we went to the famouse Venetian

very elaborate design i must say....

and verryyy hugeeeeee casino! unfortunately we no gamble! heheh

and we decided to take the Gondola rideee...

a little ex la... but oh well.. it was still very pretty!

hahaha.. thank you germ for letting us dirty her house!! :p she was working so didnt have much to time to hang out with her...!

Thank you both my friendssss for the hospitality!! :)

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