Thursday, September 04, 2008

my last day

last friday was my last day.....

no no no.... they are smiling not becos they are glad that i am leaving...
i was trying out my new W170 Sony Camera with the "Smile Detection" function!
it's reaaally coool!!! the camera will take a picture once they sense that the person is smiling!!! how cool is thaaat!!! woahahah

they bought be a farewell gift too!!
which i love!!! :)
thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!

my last bus ride out for lunch.... :(

my last lunch out......

and here are my fabulous colleagues!
it has been a pleasure working with each and everyone of you! :)

no no.. that's not my farewell gift :p funny face is famous!

they are all addicted to it too


Special Thanx!

the 大哥who always listen to my bitching... :p

the bubbly 大姐who gave me the strength to carry on....
(hmm... that sounds familiar... hahahah)


my 情敌 who never fails to save me from my problems!

woaahahah....eih.. 情敌 also can be close hoh....kekeke

my last dinner out after work together.... :(

thank you so much everyone.
you all have helped me in more ways than one.
I truly appreciate every one of you and i wish everyone all the best in life!


vid said...

FEL.. when r u going to Jkt? remember to call me

fe li ci a said...

dunnoe yet leh....still planning... hehehe.. maybe end of the month or early next month!

ok will call youuuu!! hehehe :)

PJ said...


gd luck with new job.
infamous funny faces. lol.