Wednesday, September 03, 2008

August Babies at Sentosa

okay..! thanx to sijie, i have found a different way to exhibit my photos! hehehe.... in smaller sizes so that you dont have to scroll too much :p

4 of us decided to spend the weekend at Sentosaaaa....
woke up early on saturday to eat breakfast at Tung Lok at vivocityy... very posh place i thought....

and then we took the train to sentosaaaa....

sleepy fel.

pictures in the lift of Siloso Beach Resort...

first time i saw 4 beds in a room...
the room's pretty big... but a tad... empty.

it was pouring that day. cant really go enjoy the sun and catch hunky lifeguards at the beach

so we ended up taking pics in the room for a while....
(wah...why all sit so straight... ahahha)

then we got bored... and decided to go for....

fish reflexology!

yeap yeap... it's one of those where small fishes would nibble at your feet to get rid of your dead skin! it was.... preeetty cool and i have been wanting to try it for the longest time!!

it was... ticklish..... but reaaally cooool when you have hundreds of fishes swarming at your feet! (if only they were men...woahaha..kiddin.)

and theeeen... we went to the underwater world.

it's been a while since i went... so it was really quite refreshing and interesting for me...

"dont eat me! dont eat me!"

theen... we went to the Song of the Sea performance.

i used to jump outside the performance area wanting to get a glimpse of the show. but now that i've watched it.... i say.... it's not worth it!

i thought the storyline was..... (wat story line!?)
and the water thingy was... just so-so....
the laser thing was....abit old fashioned..
and the fireworks were...unsatisfying.

and we had to pay 8 bucks for it.

then we got a surprise from sj and hp!
birthday cake!

and some winee....
which i love as it was very sweet! yum!

birthday cards which was so cool! :D

and presents!!!

thank you so much!!!!!!!! :)

next day we went to see the ponk dolphine!

they were pretty coool....!

look how they jump!


August Babies!

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