Friday, December 05, 2008

Dear Friends!

Some of you may have heard about Operation Secret Santa from me or from facebook, some may not! So this email is to officially introduce OSS to everyone and we hope that you would give us your suppooort!! :D I am not good with lengthy words, so something short and sweet and hopefully you understand what I am trying to say k! :p

Operation Secret Santa (OSS)


To bring some joy this christmas, OSS was created to try and fulfill some of the xmas wishes made by 2 groups of children (120 children to be exact! :p)! This is something initiated by a dear friend of mine (Daphne!) and she got a few of us to help her out! I am supppeerrr proud of her! :D cos unlike me... who say only never do... she actually put her thoughts into action! hehehe :D

Who are these children?

We have obtained wishlists from 2 organisations:(please find out more about them through their websites)

1) The Haven, Salvation Army

2) Club Rainbow

We are hoping that we could get all our family and friends to each help to sponsor a gift for one child (or more) this christmas! :)

Where are the wishlists?

please visit the website below to obtain the wishlists!
It has all the instructions in the website on how to sponsor the gifts too...!!

If you are not already in the facebook group! Please join us too k! :D

hmmm.... how come my email like not so exciting one! hahahaha... BUT i am suuuuperrr excited!!! so pleaseee feel free to bug me and ask me about this so that I can shareee my excitement in reaaal life with you! hahahaha...


*if you noticed that the entry is abit weird.. you are right! copied the whole chunk above from my mass mails to my friends :p lazy to write a new one larrr ..... :p*

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