Thursday, December 25, 2008

My First Half Marathon

After months of diligent trainings with my friends @east coast park every week,

it was time!

the day of the marathon!
7th December 2008


they didnt take cool pics of me. ahhaha... but oh well..cant expect them to take good photos of me when i look like shit.

my fellow 21km-ers!
they were my source of motivation!!
(more like i was so shy to keep them waiting....
so no choice but had to run faster!!)

i must say.....
all my trainings paid off!

i am so proud of myself!!!!

42km next year?

hmmm....naahh..maybe not. :p


PJ said... are amazzzzing!!!
im so proud of you.

i wanted to do something like that. but too ham chi to do it and ef wouldnt do it with me. lol. me so ham chi ooo...

fe li ci a said...

hahaha....if you come to singapore we'll run together!!! :D

it's a once in a lifetime thing man. had to do it once. but didnt do the full marathon. hahaha...didnt think my body could take it lehhh.. hahahah

PJ said...

i want to do but i dunno if i can do it leh. lol. plus if run with you. i will probably get stomachache from laughing and laughing. ;-D

fe li ci a said...

waat... im not that funny hohh... must train one..sure can! :D