Friday, January 02, 2009

Last day of 2008

vidya came to spend new year in Singapore

James too!

chilling out at PS cafe :)

ah shiesh.
i knew i shouldnt have cut my own fringe.
look so toot.

Then we went to Boat Quay to have dinner!

Korean BBQ..!

this shot super cool! :p i take one i take one!

Then we went to Mind Cafe to play games.
didnt have anywhere else to bring Vidya maaaan...
i like so not happening hoh...haha
but waaaaaaaait....
who said playing games on new year's eve is not cooool!!!...

this game daaamn fun!! hahaha

punishment for losers!! :p hahaha

From the cafe, we get to see......

(yay no need to squeeeze with other pple!)

2008 has been a pretty good year for me!
ups and downs...
but always a happy ending! :D

looking forward to 2009 :D



PJ said...

''always a happy ending...'' love it!!

don't mess with your own fringe lah. get daffy to do it for you next time lah.

finish your homework d?
hey so what's the plan for March?
when do we need to do all the bookings etc?

fe li ci a said...

hahah yooo pj!!!! last week i spoke to daph.. she say we should check out the prices first...

dun have to be taiwan mah..see which one cheaper and all... why not i msg you in facebook.. then we update each other on the price and all?

homework got alot need to edit lorrr....hahahaha.. i have always cut my fringe since like forever man.. over did it this time. kekeke... okok?? fb fb?? you check every day not?? fb is very goood..easy to reply and all... :D

PJ said...

yes we must keep options open!!!

ok i go check fb.

and i will do homework for our awesometastic trip tonite.