Saturday, June 02, 2012

wh bdae celebration!

happy belated birthday wh! :D

went to visit yt & ql's new house at p-ungg-ol too! very nice very nice...and very quiet! haha :p

haha i think i have a few friends who are waiting for their flats in that area too!
Guess it'll be pretty cool having all the young couples staying at the same area, and your friends and colleagues just a stone throw away. It'll be like back in uni days staying at a hostel where all your friends are nearby.

And i heard that relationship with neighbours is no longer the same as it used to be! Apparently people now create facebook groups for residents staying in the same flat to chit chat and make friends. And of course to remind their neighbours to keep their volumes down and stop doing renovation at odd hours. I thought it's reaaally interesting, but it's definitely not something i'd want to be a part of. Like no privacy leyy :p

#07-375 says: Hey #08-375, stop fighting and lower your volume leyy! I cannot sleep ley!
#08-375 says: Sorry sorry! No choice ley my wife fight with me.  

I'd rather be like my neighbourhood now, where i dunnoe anybody staying around me and i dont even know who are my same floor neighbours even though i've been staying at my house for more than 15 years!

Antisocial i likeeeeeeee :p

(1:57am: Singkong the only reason im blogging at this ridiculous hour is to prove that i dun have imaginary friends that i hang out with on friday :p)

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xsazalix said...

Blogging at 1:57am just to drive home a point?!!! I salute you lah Ms Tempe!!!
Anyways, I don't really fancy most of my colleagues will be staying in Punggol too...If i decided to fake M.C then theres a chance they might bumped into me.. the facebook community scenario is funny!!! True story?