Monday, July 23, 2012

Barista Workshop - 25 June

So the 3 of us decided to attend the barista course that MsH has always wanted to go

 Started with some theory about coffee and the only thing i could remember was that there are 2 commercially grown coffee namely the A_rabica and R_obusta
(okay fine i cheated I looked at my notes :p)

So the teacher said that the more atas coffee uses the A_rabica and the Kopitiam coffee uses R_obusta

But the thing that caught my attention was, A_rabica coffee contains half the caffeine compared to R_obusta and it has the same amount of caffeine as CocaCola!

So how come I cannot sleep after drinking coffee but I can sleep after drinking coke and i blame coffee for causing me to lose my sleep? :p

So... is it psychological? or that i drank R_obusta coffee?

so aniwae... im not really a coffee person becos i always thot it will cause me to lose my sleep at nite and that most coffee are generally bitter.

 So i only drink va_nilla la_tte from the St_ar_Bu_cks cos it's not bitter

but i was amazed to drink non-bitter coffee that I made myself in this course!
They say it's the way you make it and the bean and machine etc.
I dunnoe all that i just know that i tasted one of the nicest coffee i've ever tasted in my life!

haha exaggeration you say? perhaps a little :p
i think it was the roasted almond flavoured latte that i tried and it was so good!
i must remember to go back and drink it again :)

So after the theory lesson, we went to make our own latte and cappuccino. It was fun!
but the most fun was making the latte art!

we were supposed to make a heart shape latte like the one above!
but we ended up with this.....

.......elongated heart (right)

but no worries! damage control by the teacher and it became....

a freaking leaff!!!! how cooool is thaaaat!!! hahaha
i am impressed... veeeeerry impressed!

show you some other damage control art!

Medussa-octopus-star-like thing!

and a phoenix!!

 it was fuuuuuun! even though some of them had an overdose of coffee cos we could practise as many times as we want i.e. waste as many coffee as we want
which, some of them couldnt live with and started drinking all the coffee that we made... until, their hearts started palpatating cos of too much caffeine!


well i didnt have that much guilt about wasting some of the coffee cos I already paid for them :p and im determined to make my heart on my latte!!

aaaaand i finaaaaaally succeeded!!!! :D :D
nice hor?

im so proud of my tiny-little-heart-on-my-latte :)

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Anonymous said...

Caffeine fueled tiny heart is dangerous... ;p
So cool sia!! Can make one for me next time k.
-your only blog stalker...