Saturday, July 21, 2012

adventure w blackie

my first traffic violation gives me nightmares even 1 month after it happened!

Just had a scary dream last nite about me losing the rest of my 12 points. I dreamt that i was falling asleep on the wheel and that i couldnt control my feet to hit the brake and beat 2 traffic lights at one shot! And in this dream.... i got caught by the camera again.

I guess im still pretty disturbed by the fact that i could be one of those people who beat traffic lights (it was made worse with all the recent accidents involving speeding cars beating the traffic lights. but but i wasnt speeding i swear!). I blamed it on my eyes cos i couldnt see the lights well at nite and that i have a slow reaction to situations like that.

so i've learnt my lesson and i swear to be extra careful whenever im on the road :)

btw, i think i have not officially introduced by new friend,
黑仔 aka blackie :D

it was kind of a love at first sight.
i saw him at the 2nd hand car website and i didnt think much about him until i laid my eyes on him.
he has this, bad boy (or ah-beng) look about him that i like. with the body kit and the black and red leather seat and the metallic accelerator/brake pads. hmm.. i likeeeee :p

he was a tad unwell at the beginning with the punctured tyres and the cracked rim. Even though he has an unmatched set of rims now, i still think 黑仔 is preeetty cooool :) :)

so i thought... he could be my lucky starrr!!

well... not yet anyway.



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