Monday, June 13, 2005

Virgin Entry

hmm... i have secretly created a blog for myself... hahahah

see daph. i really did it... kitchen Idiot fel... hahahahhaha...

and shit...shiling just told me that i wont be able to change the name of my blog.. sorrie ah..first timer... dunnow wat to do... oh am i stuck with Kitchen Idiot Fel for my entire blogging life? ahhahahah... but of course.. i could just create another blog...hmmpph...

this title wont be appropriate when i'm on a holiday or when i graduate lah...cos then i wont have to there wont be kitchen disasters. but oh well...for now it's fine i guess...

tmrw.... chicken rice. we'll see how it turns out.


Daffy said...

*shake head*
anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, chicken rice, CAN LA HOR? easy one.... not salty enough add soy sauce, not enough taste add sesame oil. SIMPLE DOES IT!

ling-a-ling said...

fel fel fel..
i love your blog.. please add more pictures and stuff like that.. yeay yeay.. blogging is soooo cool.. yeah yeah yeah

fe li ci a said...

wah.. i think only you two know of my blog..please dun tell anybody else. ahahhahah... chicken rice..never do yet.. aniwea..i post pics lah..

jen said...

fel fel fel


TOO LATE! now the whole world knows and u have the honour of owning the hottest blog in warwick! ahahahhahaha

seriously gal, love ur pics, coz u look damn ugly! ahahhahahahah. kiddin la! love the simple background and the really memorable pics... hey! pay u highest compliment k! hahhaha.

hiyar....... any chance u cookin for me? hmmphZ!

fe li ci a said...


hottest blog in warwick??? wahh.. later daph jealous man... ahhahaha

my picture..never go through editing not fantastic..not cut no enhance.. just as it is.. only for some got special effects..hehehe..

cook for you ah? caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan... but no time liao.. you leaving liao... so.. sorrie maaan..

Daffy said...

yar! jealous already man!
and how come coook for jen nv cook for me... oh but 'kitchen idiot' ah... okok, i happy also.
fel, dun bluff la... nv edit... u use picasa, u think i dunno ah... HAHAHAHAHAHA