Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hair For Hope


I am sure some of you have heard of the news that Daphne Yuan is taking part in the "Hair For Hope" event held this year.

This means that she would be shaving her head for charity, in support for the Children's Cancer Foundation.

Yes you read it right.

Shave her head.


..........I am going to do it with her.

Yes me!

The girl who will always be caught checking out her fringe at every reflection she can find.


On a serious note, I have been contemplating to participate in this event for the longest time! It is definitely not an easy decision for me and I have been thinking so hard about it and asking everyone around me for advice and opinions. I took all of them in. The encouraging and the harsh.

However, it still boils down to me.

What do I want to do and how do I feel about doing it.

To me, my initial and biggest motivation was definitely the donations. If I were able to raise more funds by shaving my head, and try my best to spread the awareness to as many people as I can, I think it's worth it enough for me to do it.

A lot of people have pointed out to me that, there are other ways to do charity. That I dont have to go to such extreme.

I agree.

But I feel that this is one of the ways that I am able to make an impact, big enough to raise (hopefully) a considerable amount of donations.

However, during the time that I was telling my friends about Hair for Hope, I realised that it is more than about the money. I get to not only spread awareness about the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF), but also to remind my friends about the importance of giving back to the community.

It does not have to be for the Children's Cancer Foundation. It can be for any social organizations that you believe in.

Sometimes, in the midst of our busy working schedule, I feel that it is important to be reminded of..... the things that really matters in life.... the bigger things in life.
And I feel that....this is one of them.



I am of course here to spread awareness for this particular event that I am participating in, the Hair for Hope, organised by the Children's Cancer Foundation (ccf).

Would really like to call out to everyone to please donate generously (in support of me and daphne) for this event.

As to how..... this is where it gets abit tricky.

Due to my late decision to participate in this event, I was not able to register myself in the ccf website. The website allows people to donate online via credit card.

However, please do still visit the Children's Cancer Foundation website and you can either donate through the general donation website, or you can look for Daphne Yuan in the website and donate through her.

Basically, Daphne agreed to share her online pledge with me!! So please donate through her and leave a message if you wish, to inform me that you have responded to my calling.....


I would also be given Pledge Cards soon where you can donate to me directly. So pleasee... dont be shyyy... hahaha..... come harrass me if you would like to donate!

thank you so much.


ps: and oh.. by the way...Hair for Hope 2007 is happening on 1 July 2007 (Sunday) at Velocity@Novena Square. So... if you would like to be there to witness it. COME! *grin*


Mus said...

Now this I have to see. Photos on Facebook please.

Bagaimana kabarnya cantik? Sudah lama tidak omong. Bulan depan aku balik. Kalau bisa saya ke S'pore untuk lihat kepala botakmu.

fe li ci a said...


HI MUS! somehow it's weird reading "lihat kepala botakmu".. hahahaha... probably it's just something you dont hear everyday.. ahhahaha... yea maaaan... long time no seee.. hope you are good and all!

yeap! come by to spore maaaaan...

mus said...

I jumped in my time machine and went to see you on July 1st and it looked a bit like this:

Are you Britney in disguise?

Definetly worth sponsoring.

fe li ci a said...

hoh maaan. mus...

britney looks... hmmpphh..

i hope i'll look better.


Anonymous said...

We will look better I'm sure! =)