Saturday, June 02, 2007

"business" trip

what did i do to deserve this...


i left all my troubles in the office, and went to Manila, Philippines, for training.

5days-4nites in total.

it was a much needed break to be honest. and i am very glad that i got to go!

took Singapore Airlines for the first time man! hehehee... and seriously.. didnt think i was missing anything. I mean... heard so much about Singapore Airlines and how great it is. i guess... they are all the same. Although..... the only thing that i am still very much impressed with is the wide range of tv channels that they have. maaan... my day got even better when i got to watch 。。


been wanting to watch that korean show soooooo much! but i missed it in the movies. and yaaaay that i got to watch it on the plane. was very haaaappy ...!!!!hahahaha..

Aniwae! it was definitely a damn cool experience going to Manila on a "business" trip! hahaha.. still cant help putting the "" on the word business. cos maaaan.... it was very fuuuun!!

and.. i felt like a successful career woman already. travelling around on my own. hahaha.. it was so exciting!

aniwae! some interesting food!

went to a Philippine food buffet. and i obviously was happily helping myself.

and they actually gave away soft toys for every ice tea you order.... wow.

and among all those mess of food....would just like to focus on....


check that out maaaaannn!!! like... a reaaaal leaf man!!! and it tasted good .... like...chips. hahahahaa...

and i realised that Philippinos looooooovee to eat....fatty pork! like seeeriously... dont think you can see from the picture. but there were layers and layers of crispy fats on that pork. I didnt even dare to eat.

and this is a famous dessert! called..."halo halo".


during class....

met my comrades from IBM Indonesia.

she's so funny.and i am still feeling so good about being able to converse with her in comprehensible Bahasa Indonesia. ahahhaha...i'm goood man.

some of my hilarious coursemates!

all such posers...

funny face!!!


Group photo on the last day of the training!

Comprising of malaysians, indonesians, thai, vietnamese, Indian, half-sporean (me) and the Philippinos!


my attempt to make everyone do funny face (even the Philippines manager) ahahahha.. but apparently.. only some responded to my call...

still better than nothing! kekeke..

the non-philippinos!

last picture taking before we all went back to our own countries.

candid shot by the shangri-la staff tired of waiting for us.

okeee... so i guess different countries have different interpretations when i asked them to make "funny face"....... -_-'''

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