Monday, July 01, 2013

Change is Fun!

Wow wow wow!! look at how blogg-er has evolved! When i started blogging they didnt have so many cool stuff!!! Disco colours!!!

Gonna upload a printscreen of my first blog entry, just so that I will remember my old template that's been with me for....almost 9 years! Now that im gonna lose it, i still think my old template is pretty cool. It has a batik feel to it which is... kinda exotic! :D

I am thinking, change is good! Every once in a while, i felt like it's time for a change that is not so mini, but enough to make me adapt to new situations. A recent major change was coming back to Indo. While I felt like i am giving up a big part of my life, i just felt like it was time for me to do this thing. Took me about a year from having this idea, to me finally coming back to give this new life a chance. Im glad I took that long, cos I had the time to talk to almost all of my friends about it haha...and got me thinking about the various factors involved and got me more prepared for wats coming. So, knowing what to expect kinda helped alot.

At first I thot I'll be miserable with just a few friends here and the fact that my mom is very afraid of me going out on my own cos she insisted that the world outside my house is a scary and evil one haha... I've only been out hanging out w friends 3 times the past month! And these 3 times, transportation has always been a big issue. Super inconvenient la hereee..... but a month on.. and im kinda alrite staying at home the most of time :)

Haha... so it's back to about getting old and being antisocial. :p


PJ said...

Wow it's been a month! Only a year meh? Felt like you been thinking about this since I went to Sg. 3 years ago. Haha. I guess it's all about taking a leap of faith when making a decision to change. :)

fe li ci a said...

i guess the thot has been there for an even longer time! but the thing that sparked this whole thing was yea about a year ago when i didnt renew my PR thingy :p

fe li ci a said...

you like my newwww bloggg pj??? hahahaha aniwae how did you have pple verify if they are not robots thingy ah? i also want leh! :p