Wednesday, July 10, 2013

short trip back to sg

It's amazing how things that I have taken for granted like going shopping on my own, going to friends' house to chill till late, driving home alone, running errands on my own - could become oh so precious when u live in a country where public transport is not well developed, security is a major concern when going out alone and traffic jam at every corner of the street.

So, i am thankful that i was able to appreciate all that during my little trip back to sg to attend a wedding.

Well wedding post for another day i guess, managed to chill out with quite a few groups of friends. Went to this new place which i think is a really nice place to chill. Ok, i forgot to take pictures of the place, cos i've been out of touch with blogging and often forget that i wan to blog about them.

Of course, being the kitchen/food idiot that i am, haha i am not very particular about food. Im one who enjoys the ambience (and company of course) more! This place located at Bis-han Pa-rk i really like cos there isnt any other establishments around the restaurant. Just itself in the middle of the park (not sure if more restaurants will turn up though). That gave the place a spacious feel, as if we were chilling out away from the bustling city. Unlike other small cafe establishments that are also cool, but the spaces are often very cramped and small. Want to chill longer also feel bad cos pple are often queueing up to get in. 

So, no pic of menu, no pic of the so-called spacious ambience that i was talking about. 

next time i will remember, next time.... :p

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