Saturday, July 20, 2013

text effect - output 1

Recently, i thought of taking up some classes.. maybe interior design short courses? or graphic design short courses? (with the emphasis of 'short') hehe... cant afford to do a long term cert or dip. Not willing to put in the commitment and the money - since i kinda have no income now.

So the kiam siap-ness in me kicked in and started googling for ways to self-learn all these design stuff and if they have any free apps for me to download and play around with. And I found one!

It's called g i m p a free software which they said is as good as photo shop. And today i played around and made my first....output. haha cant find any better word since i didnt design this or anything, i just followed one of the you tube tutorials. its preeeetty cooool i think!

More outputs to come! :D