Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Different Faces of Mo-n-as

I have to thank Vid for always remembering to ask me out when she goes out to interesting places with her friends. Recently she asked me to go watch an Indo Musical at Mo-n-as!

My 29 years of being an indo-nesian, I dun think i've been inside Mo-n-as! haha the closest i got was in a car outside the park, showing my overseas friend jkt's iconic monument. haha! So when she told me that we were going there to watch a musical, i was like... where? inside the monument?

So it turned out to be an outdoor theatre! with a really stunning stage backdrop with shapes that looked like mountains! I was also pretty amazed by the lighting when it shone on the mo-n-as. 

I was really surprised by the grandeur of the musical stage. So thank you vid for opening my eyes to the  Indo Musical scene! haha

To end the night, i couldnt locate my driver and was stranded at a mall while he was stuck in a massive jam to come pick me. 

Still cant get used to the inconvenience of travelling here and also not used to people waiting for me while i'm enjoying myself. Felt bad. 

Lots of getting used to it seems... cos if not i'll end up being a hermit all my time here! 
which is a no no.....

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